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 "Wait a minute Ashley. Did you say the Elders?" She nodded at me.

"Well you didn't think they'd leave you alone with the rebellion. We need you just as much as them but don't let them know I said that." She was smiling like a crazy person. I spun around on the boys.

"You all knew didn't you?!" They looked taken aback but I kept going. "Why am I the last to know?" I didn't wait for an answer I ran. I heard Marcus calling me but they must of stopped him cause no one followed me.

After awhile I found myself at the house. I walked through the room to find myself in Damon's old room. I don't know what it was I just felt like I had to go here. Looking around I walked back through the house remembering all the memories this house has held for such a short time. After walking through the house again I went back to Damon's room. 

" What is it that makes me not want to leave?" I whispered to myself. I slowly walked around the room I gave up and dropped to the floor. Laying by the bed staring up at nothing I felt my eyes wander around to rest at the bottom of the mattress. Lifting up my hand up I rubbed my hand along the seem.

Frowning I did it again. I took my nail and rubbed my nail along the spot I rubbed. My eyes widened in recognition. There is a small flap there. Slowly pulling it a thin drawer opened up. Inside were pictures of me and my life before I even met him. He must of been watching me for along time to have these photos some go back to five years ago. I saw an envelope and grabbed it. Pulling the letter out I read.

Dear Damon,

        I don't understand what is going on Damon. Are parents are dead so your in charge now if you don't come home soon I fear Victor will be taking your position. I don't think I need to stress how bad that will be. Please come home Damon I fear of what is happening I have been getting visions of you with the blessed one. Please Damon you are making a mistake trying to kill her. Her death will cause our destruction. I pray to Freya you heed my words brother. I love and miss you. I will see you soon.

I was crying now how could he do this when he has a sister waiting for him. How can he be so.... evil when he has a good life waiting for him.

"Katelyn...." It came from down stairs but I didn't recognize the voice. I stopped and listened like Jake taught me. There were foot steps heading my way. I ran over to the other side of the bed slide the panel in the floor and grabbed the knife. We learned I'm no good with guns more likely shoot myself then my target but knives.... I'm dangerous. Jake once told me with the way I am with blades I could win in a gun fight I hope I don't have to prove or disprove that anytime soon.

The door opened and I crouched ready to spring. 

"Katelyn I'm not her to hurt you I know you read my letter." I was focused ready to attack the moment I see a glimpse of her." Katelyn please this is about my brother Damon." I lost focus as shock flowed through me. Jake would be ashamed of me. sighing I slowly raised facing the black haired girl. She had bright blue eyes but as i looked at her the more I could see the similarities. 

"What are you doing here?" I said coolly.

"I came to deliver a letter to you but i also came to beg for your help." I motioned my hand to the nightstand next to her.She pulled out a white card and put it on the stand. 

"Now what do you want?" I didn't pretend to be friendly I don't know her and she's intruding.

"It ...... it's about Damon. I need to find him." Suspicion filled me and i glared at her.


"Because he is going to do something horrible to you. Please help me find him if he does it you'll kill him." I didn't ask how she knew I could guess so I just nodded." I hate what he is becoming but he is the last family I have and you can contact him...."

"How could I do that he has changed his number?" She laughed.

"No I mean in your dreams. If you think about a person and let your power go in your sleep you can contact them and see where they are. It's probably similar to what Freya does to you."

"I'll think on this."

"Thank you. Thank you so much." She looked like she was going to hug me but instead changed her mind and left. I walked over to the note, 

Soon you will feel like you lose everything but you will gain everything. Be patient and trust no one or nothing but what you feel is true. From a friend.

I stared at the note for awhile. Tucking it in my jacket I decided to forget about it. I left the house and walked down there street. Letting the peace of the night wash over me calmed me down and I just let my self wander the streets. I soon walked by a pub where a drunk man walked out yelling something I couldn't understand.

He crossed the street in front of me and turned towards me and froze. I was wondering what this guys problem was but kept walking forwards. When I got closer I caught his face in the light and gasped. 

"Katelyn what are you doing you worthless pile of shit?" My dad said. "Where have you been?" 

"I've been living with friends." I stated

"You sleeping with said friends. Of course not who'd fuck a dirty thing like you." I was fighting to not cry. I will not show weakness to this man. " Your mother is in the hospital because of you."

"How is she in the hospital because of me?" I questioned

"You cursed us. You left and they found she has cancer in her brain." This upset me more then I care to admit. I might not like my mom cause how she treats me but part of me always hoped she'd come around to love me the way I try to love her." On top of that she's depressed all the time and the worse part is that women won't sleep with me now." I was shocked to say the least. He bent over and puked in the road. " I'm a free man of today Katelyn."He grinned at me before he could grab me I side stepped him and ran. I knew that whatever he was planning wasn't good.

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