I decided to make it easier for him because it's bad enough hurting the man I love. I walked out in a tank top and denim shorts with a pair of tennis shoes on. My hair was in a pony tail and I came arm to the teeth. Jake sent one of the other guards to make sure Marcus knew this was no practice dual so what ever he wore he could use but we decided no magic. We didn't want anyone killed. All my weapons gleamed from the sunlight as I waited with John and Jake at my sides. Ashley and Lucas went to go get Marcus since he was late. It was half an hour til Ashley and Lucas showed up with no Marcus.

"Where is he?" I said in my cold voice detached from all emotions. I say them shiver with fear.

"He refuses to come. He says he will not harm you again." She looked worried that I'd strike at her while she said this. Anger broke through the cold for a moment and I spoke with power in my voice.

"Marcus come to me" I don't know if could hear me but I knew he'd be coming. "Marcus I wait for you. Come to me." I spoke in a whisper.

"Katie, why are you doing this? You do not need to fight him he forfeited." Jake spoke with his hand on my shoulder.

"Your wrong I have to do this Jake. It's the last thing I can try. I'm so lost Jake." My cold I built had broke and a tear dripped down on my shirt. "He can't treat me the way he has. It's wrong and I won't go through it again but I love him and I do not want to lose him unless I have to."

"I know Katie." He gave me a hug then we heard the back door smash. I looked at the others in shock Lucas was the one who spoke.

"He walked right through the door not even flinching."My eyes widened. Marcus looked as though he was being forced to come then I remembered he was.

"Marcus." I said slowly building the cold distance again.

"Katie how could you force me against my will?" He sounded in pain but I ignored it the best I could.

"It's not so nice having to do not be able to do what you want is it?" He flinched at my words. "Either pick your sword up or speak."

"Speak of what Katie I'll say anything you want but I refuse to hurt you again it was an accident the first time." I looked away towards the forest.

"That's what my parents use to say to. I will not be treated that way again Marcus."

"Katie I was wrong to try to control you I hadn't even realized I was doing it til earlier. Please believe me I'd never purposely hurt you." He pleaded.

"I want to believe you Marcus but ever since we got here you've been someone else. Some one who hurts me and accuses me of thing I'd would never do." 

"I know you wouldn't but I saw you in the hall....... and that night in your doorway .......  I lost it Katie I thought I was losing you and I didn't know what to do I've been a jealous moron." I nodded then I remembered everyone who was standing here. 

"Jake, Ashley, John, Lucas, and Demetri will you come with us?" I looked at them and they all nodded but strangely John hesitated. "The rest of you we will see at diner" The seven of us walked into the woods. When we knew we could no longer be heard we stopped. "Now we can continue." he nodded.

"As I said I was jealous Katie and I did a lot of wrong things because of that." I nodded.

"You are right you are a moron." That caused Jake and Ashley burst into laughs. 

"Please forgive me?" 

"I don't know Marcus I need to think about this."

"Ok I can understand that." I smiled and turned towards our group.

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