The walk was quiet and awkward. He kept throwing me glances and I kept looking away ashamed he saw me cry. We were almost to my room when I felt a hand touch my shoulder and shocked me. "Ow!"

"Sorry I'm nervous and new." He mumbled.

"It's ok." I went to keep walking but he grabbed my shoulder again.

"Katie stop."


"You cried so what? Get over it your a girl and girls cry. You also are newer then me and most already see you as a mom or sister here. You can best any of us in a sword dual and your the strongest magically. You were under attack and watched people die and while everyone looked away you watched only you. You are the strongest person yet you went through the most we are all surprised you haven't cried yet and no one blames you for it." I was looking at the floor. "Katie you have more control then me and I'm almost a year older then you." I looked up at him then.

" I feel like I should be stronger then that."

" Any stronger and you would't be real." I laughed at that but embraced him.. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight.

"I got a question." I said pulling away.


" Why did Demetri tell you to watch the other guards around me?" He looked nervous and unsure of his self all of a sudden.

" After that night at the fire a lot of guards started to view you differently..... Some want to worship you as there goddess. Some think you as their protector. Then others want you as theirs. Dom't get me wrong there are a few that are fine with you as family or as a friend but we are worried what the ones who don't feel this way will do." I nodded 

"And you?"

" I decided your interesting and I want to get to know you and before you ask I don't mean romantically." I smiled cause I was going to ask that.

" That night there was something about you that made me trust you right away Anthony. I think I was right to." I said looking ahead of us but I heard the chuckle. " Hey lets not go to me room." 

" Then where to my lady?" I said mockingly causing me to slap his chest. 

" I bet I'm better at hand to hand combat."

" I don't know if you could handle me little girl."

" Me either but that's would be cause Jake never taught me."

" Then why suggest it?"

" I got give you a fair chance to win at something." I laughed at his shocked open mouth face. 

" You better run." And I did.


" Ugh Katie! I thought you never learned how to fight." I said holding his stomach.

"I haven't." I said defensively.

" Seemed like you've been training for years if you ask me."

" Which is why I never trained her." I turned to Jake's voice.

" I didn't know that was the reason." I commented he nodded before continuing.

" See Katie here is a natural born fighter you can see it in the way she moves if you look closely enough and when she lets her self go she is deadly. Now only if we can teach her not to shoot herself."

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