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The War of the Night - Arc 1: Before Sundown by SF_Claymore
The War of the Night - Arc 1: SF_Claymore
"It's time to take a stand. After fending off the vampire attack in their realm, the people of Psykoria have decided to sail into the Ortisian Kingdom from where th...
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In Vendetta House (The Vendetta Series #1) by ChloeFairchild
In Vendetta House (The Vendetta Chloe Fairchild
There is a mansion in the middle of nowhere called Vendetta House, tasked with the sole purpose of taking in kids like Ariel: Cambions, the offspring of demons. The day...
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Prodigal - Book III by azimodo
Prodigal - Book IIIby Azi
*Weekly updates* Fire. Ash. Darkness. Foes rise up on either side of the Paragon as it all comes to an end. This is a sequel to Paragon + Partisan, it's my very, very...
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Rage of Vendetta (The Vendetta Series #2) by ChloeFairchild
Rage of Vendetta (The Vendetta Chloe Fairchild
In the anticipated sequel to In Vendetta House, Ariel and her gang of superpowered Cambions are back and better than ever. Since escaping Vendetta House, a place where C...
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King of the Mountain by AJSCURRAH
King of the Mountainby Ayla-Jade Scurrah
Growing up werewolf is brutal. The schools are remote, the internet connection is shitty, and to top it all off, students have to battle each other for a social rank tha...
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Selection (Book 2 of P.O.E. chronicles) by shadowcheah
Selection (Book 2 of P.O.E. Nam
(This is the book 2 of POE chronicles - please check out book 1 Evolution first ) Evolution had created us. Allowed us to be different, given us a chance to survive outs...
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Forever Intertwined (Mewtwo x reader) by NightBreeze2
Forever Intertwined (Mewtwo x VermillionWarrior
Y/n is an independent girl living in a small town. She's about as average as it gets. She goes to school, does her work, and is a bit of a tomboy. All you would expect...
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Elven Legacy by kittersummers
Elven Legacyby Kit Summers
~ This is The Catalyst's sequel, so this summary contains spoilers for that book. ~ It has been one year since the quest for the catalyst. In Fellera, Jaden and Zemisha...
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Light And Dark-BTS au!Supernatural by ChimSehun
Light And Dark-BTS au!Supernaturalby ~Scarborough~
The World doesn't accept what it cannot understand..... Seven people. Seven powers. A love that tears a heart apart. A lie that tears their worlds apart. ¤¤¤ A BTS AU F...
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Psych the Avengers Out by apchick10
Psych the Avengers Outby A. P. Chick
What if a mind-reader joined the Avengers? A very sarcastic, witty, mind-reader who doesn't play by the rules? Enter Jaycee Strong, on the run, out of control and just...
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Mind You § PJM (EDITING) by Jddaengg
Mind You § PJM (EDITING)by Chicken Noodle soup
I have enough of people thinking sh*t about other people with their I have pervert who doesn't have any expression, and is now thinking of touching my boobs. ...
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Echoes ~ (Book Two of The Elite Series) by angel-At-heart
Echoes ~ (Book Two of The Elite angel-At-heart
Sometimes the past is so powerful, those echoes threaten to overwhelm the present.
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CAPABLE by trulymused
He's cunning, conniving and capable of anything.
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The call || Harry Potter || by rivkael
The call || Harry Potter ||by T H E Y / T H E M
She hasn't stammered since she was seven, but this Merlin, this god amongst wizards, is hers.
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MKUltra Reawakens// Stranger Things by modernaesop
MKUltra Reawakens// Stranger Thingsby kindashortstories
Sequel to A New Girl Its been 20 years since the Gate was closed, Kali and Denise are working for the CIA. They discover a new Gate during a scouting mission. Together w...
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Nathan Young x Reader (discontinued) by Dylan_UwU_Daniel
Nathan Young x Reader ( Dylan & Daniel tho🥵
Your 19 years old, and a young offender. You were got an ASBO, and put in communiy service rather than prison, for what you did. A rather loud, mischievous, but very han...
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Seeker: Demon Killers [Fantasy/Action | Complete] by KatrinHollister
Seeker: Demon Killers [Fantasy/ Kat Hollister
THE DEMONATA meets TEEN TITANS. There is literally nothing better than a fist full of demon guts, as far as Tora is concerned. The gory task of killing demons to keep h...
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Telepathy » SeungJin by YourWannaBeBaby
Telepathy » SeungJinby ʎɐɹʇs ʇuop ʎɐʇs
[Seungmin X Hyunjin] [Fluff] Welcome to What's on his mind? "Another stupid ad! Ugh!" We're not stupid if you click yes| "Holy sh-!" Do you want to...
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Evolution, a Spencer Reid/Criminal Minds Fanfic by CatJenkins
Evolution, a Spencer Reid/ Cat Jenkins
Criminal Minds Fanfiction. Spencer Reid's mind scares him. Sometimes it scares others. And there are those who'd do anything to harness its power. Reid is changing, evo...
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