I was happily having a dreamless sleep when I was rudely awaken. "Who is it?" I mumbled half asleep.

"Shhhhh.... Katie"  A familiar voice hushed me.

"Marcus I don't know how you keep getting in here but go away." There was a pause.

"I'm not Marcus." The voice mumbled and when that registered in my brain I shot up in my bed head butting some one.

"Owww....." A hand clamped on my mouth and I looked in to those perfect chocolate eyes. He put his finger to his lips and when I nodded he dropped his hand."What are you doing here?" I whispered.

"I wanted to see you." I tilted my head and frowned.

"Why?" He hung his head.

"I... I wanted to make sure you were ok." He didn't sound to sure ut I dropped it and nodded.

"I'm fine." I paused then looked up at him." You didn't have to do that to Kyle but thank you for doing it."

"No problem...... Katie?"


"Why did he do that to you?"

"Cause I caught him cheating on me and dumped him."

"Well good he seems like a prick."

"He is."


"Hey Damon?"


"What was with this morning between you and Marcus?"

"I don't know how to answer that." He sighed

"With the truth." 

"You promise you wont be mad at me?" I frowned not sure where this was going.

"I don't see why I would be so yes I prom......" I didn't get to finish cause his lips where on mine taking the rest away. I've never been kissed before but it felt so natural like I was made for it.When he finally broke away we were both breathing hard.

"You mad?"

"No" And strangely I wasn't I don't know how I feel about Damon but I wasn't mad at him.

"Good" I could see him smiling and coulsn't help but smile myself. " I know this is weird but will you tell me about that dream of yours?"

"What dream?" 

"The one you had last night." I stared at him mouth hanging open how did he know about my dream? "I told you it was weird but I'll explain if you tell me."

"Not now Damon." He just nodded." How about tomorrow after work I'll call you and we will meet some where?"

"Sure" He got up to leave when he reached the doorway he paused and turned around looking embarrassed." Um Katie?"


"I don't have your number." I silently laughed at our stupidity got up and jotted out numbers down. He left right after that and I fell back into blissful sleep.


I was in the fog again but this time I knew who was calling me and just like last time the fog disappeared when I reached her meadow but this time it was covered it butterflies.

"Hello again?"

"Hello my daughter" I fell in awe automatically to the sound of her voice. " This time I must tell you to believe what your friend tells you. He will not lie for I am guiding him and you will know he speaks the truth soon enough my child." I looked at her puzzled but before I could say anything she vanished and I was falling.


I woke in another cold sweat right when the alarm went off. These dreams are starting to worry me now. I'm starting to wonder if they are really my gut says yes but my brain tells me I crazy if i believe that. So ignoring the thought I got dressed in my uniform and made breakfast. I was almost out the door when dad stopped me.

"Where are you going?" 

"Work father?" He nodded and gestured me to go but when I reached the door handle and pulled it open he raised a clenched fist and punched me in my jaw. I sagged to the floor and he walked away laughing. Trying to hold in my tears I got up and headed towards the diner. Everyone stared at me so it's safe to assume I have a mark on my face but no one would dare to say anything since this isn't the first time they've seen them. So I plastered a fake smile and served the tables.

Jessica came to work late again and apologized to Derek, our boss. She got away with it like always when she batted her eyes and he just melted. I wish I could do that bat an eyelash and have men begging to do as I please, but unfortunately I was cursed with my horrid looks. Which got me to thinking why did Damon kiss me. He couldn't really like me, he's to hot to like a girl like me. I told Jessica about my thoughts and she told me I was crazy because I was prettier then her. Which I laughed at cause no one is prettier then her. My mom banned her from the house because she was to pretty and she was worried dad would leave her for the younger prettier model. 

At four I was done and I called Damon to pick me up.

(Jessicas Pic)

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