I took his hand and walked up to the doors and the bouncers stopped us. "You on the list?" Marcus growled it was like nothing I've ever heard come from a humans mouth but the bouncer just smiled and waved us in. 

"What was that about?"

"This is a non human nightclub Katie."

"Oh" We reached the room and it was packed there was fog and flashing lights in the middle. Then private rooms off to the side separated by curtains. Marcus dragged me to one of the side rooms. The room was circular with couches lining the walls. He closed the curtains and the noise from the crowd was silent but you could still hear the pulsing music.


"Yea?" I wasn't looking at him I was starting to feel overwhelmed.

"You want to dance or do you need to calm down?"

"Can we stay in here for a minute?"

"Yes" I heard the smile in his voice so I looked at him. He was sitting on the white couch watching me."Want to see something cool?"

"Sure." He took out a remote and pressed a few buttons.A glass tube went a round us and the curtains pulled back. The lights dimmed down.

"They can't see us but it gives the feel like we are out there." He  was right it did and it helped me relax. I walked over to him. I sat down and put my head on his shoulder and he picked my legs up and put them over his. We stayed like that for awhile in a comfortable silence.After a while a slow song came on and he looked down at me."Care to dance?" I nodded. We got up and he pulled me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist. "Do you want to go somewhere else?" 

"Why do you ask?"

"You seem uncomfortable and awkward. I'd like for you to be enjoying this date." He smiled.

"I always enjoy my time with you Marcus even when it's awkward." This caused him to laugh.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm having trouble keeping my hands to myself." He looked at me smirking.

"Well I'm not having such a problem." I laughed.

"That just hurts Katie." I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

"Get over it."

"Oh I will." He kissed me then. It felt like I was falling and flying at the same time and I noticed it got brighter. Marcus must of noticed to because he pulled away. "Are you ok Katie?" He pinned my arms down causing me to frown."Katie your glowing."

"Well guess Ryan's theory is out then huh?" He laughed at that and he looked like he was going to say something when I cut him off and I was back to the falling flying sensation.I started pulling him to the couch slowly not breaking contact.

"Katie.." He murmured against my lips.

"Hmmm?" Still refusing to let go.

"I think we should stop." At that I broke contact.

"Are you ok Marcus?"

"Katie if we didn't stop now I wouldn't be able to later. I dressed you to sexy." He smiled looking at me again before shaking his head to focus.

"Marcus am I not good enough?" I asked uncertain now.

"Katie how could you say that? Your amazing."

"Then why do you not want me?" He sighed in frustration.

"Katie I want you. Dang it if I had my way I'd of took you the night we first kissed , the night you let me go farther , this night, and every night." I looked up at him not understanding if he wants me so bad then why he stopped me. He must be saying it to make me feel better about myself.... I took a step back and tried to hide the hurt in my eyes. He wouldn't have it though he yanked me right back and pulled my chin up. "Katie you the best person I've ever met. Everything about you makes me want you but I don't just want you for sex. I want you to love me as much as I love you. I want your first time to be special and not in some nightclub on a first date." He gave me a quick kiss and let me take a step back.


"Yes Katie?"

"What was your back up plan?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me along to the car.

"Can I ask or will I not get an answer again?"

"Look who is learning." He bent down and gave me another kiss before starting the car.


This time it was dark and secluded which I smiled at. We were on a cliff with just the moon as light for us. Marcus put a blanket for us to lay down on. And the view of our tiny city was spectacular.

"Not that I don't love it here Marcus but why did you bring us here?"

"Cause it's secluded and it means something to me."

"How so?" I looked at him curiously.

"This is where I first saw you."

"What? No we met at school."

"Yes but I first saw you here. You were humming some wacky song and swinging your arms about. You were wearing a white sundress with yellow flowers and some boy came up to you asking for money and you gave it to him and he took off. Little did you know I was sitting right above you thinking how pretty you are."

"You were not." I gushed.

"I really was." He looked at me "Even eight years old you were beautiful." I blushed and looked up at the sky. We talked some more after awhile I got cold so he took me home and that was the end of our perfect night.

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