"Here have some coffee Jake."

"Mm mm you make me coffee love?" I laughed figures Marcus wakes up at the mention of anything he can consume.

"Yes. Here." I handed him my cup and went to get another. " A woman who knows the way to my heart." Jake was laughing at Marcus still on the floor. "Hey Jake what are you doing down there?" I sent them a scowled. "What did you do Jake?"

"Nothing she just naturally looks that way." I walked to the bathroom and threw on a pair of black sweat pants sneakers and tank top. I then walked out and put my hair in a pony tail and put on a black jacket. I then loaded myself up with weapons and saw Jake doing the same while Marcus sat on the bed and watched us. 

"So I know what me and Jake are doing today what are you going to do?" 

"I'm not sure maybe I'll come with." Jake scoffed. " What's your problem Jake?"

"Nothing but the thought of you lasting more then a few minutes in there was a funny thought."

"I could last a few rounds." He puffed his chest out. 

"No man you'd stab yourself Demetri couldn't teach you even the basics."


"So you'd get hurt." I started to leave." Katie wait up I'm coming!" I turned to Jake.

"I don't get why you egg him on like that Jake." 

"Because someone needs to make him work to be good enough for you." I looked up at him

"What do you mean?"

"I mean he sucks with stealth he can't fight and he has no defense. How long do you think he'll last Katie?" I knew he was right and sighed. "He isn't even an asset just an liability if he can't step up they  will want him dead so your not endanger. I know you though and I know it'd destroy you if you lost him." I nodded.

"Your right Jake." We were quiet the rest of the way there. When we reach the feild we seperated our weapons from the others and took our jackets off. "So who do I face first?" 

"Well since you went against the top Elder sword fighters we figured we'd add our two best."

"Ok." That was the beginning of along day. It was almost dark by the end of the day and I didn't have a scratch on me. They decided to call it a quit when I won a one on fifteen fight like it was a breeze. So they decided to go to the range.

"Ok Katie remember what I told you." I nodded and took a deep breathe and pulled the trigger. I missed the target. I looked down and saw no blood. Then I jumped at my new instructor."Wow Katie you didn't even hit it." He said with me now on top of him.

"I know that John but at least I didn't shoot myself."

"Well that is one hell of a goal." He said with his lightly southern drawl. I got up and helped him to his feet and tried again. After a few hours he said I was almost a pro. 

"Hey can I try the bow now?!" I said excitedly.

"You can try but if you get hurt it wasn't my idea to let you. I can't shoot that thing for the life of me."

I picked the bow up and situated my feet the way it felt right. I put the arrow in and held it. I slowly pulled the string back holding my breathe in steadying me then let go. I heard it fly through the air and through the target.

"Girl you just keep on amazing me. I thought you never picked up a bow before."

"I haven't 'it just felt.... right." I shot a couple more.

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