I got up and dressed before anyone else was up and left towards the training ring. Upper cut, swing, downward cut, stab , slash. These were continuing in my head like a mantra. Trying to forget about my dream last night I kept repeating the sequence.

" Your working pretty hard for no reason." The voice startled me and I misstepped and fell. I heard foot steps running towards me. " Are you ok Katie?" I looked up to see someone I've never seen before. He had blue hair and eyes.  He reached to take my hand but I refused and stood up on my own.

" Who are you and how do you know me?" I know I sound paranoid but this guy came out of no where and it's getting hard to trust.

" I'm Liam and I'm here to teach you healing if you still wish it that is. As for knowing you Jake told me your name and considering there only two girls here...." I nodded it made sense but I still didn't know him. It didn't make me feel better that he sneaked up on me and he was a full foot taller.

" And Jake trusts you?" He laughed causing me to smile.

" That boy only trusts you and Demetri Mame. He just knows I'm good and that you'd kill me before I could try anything. His words not mine." I smiled and made sure my weapons were all hidden and secured.

" Well where are we going?" 

" The infirmary I thought I'd show you how it works. I will warn you though there are more things to know then how to control fire or lightning." 

" I always loved a challenge." I said smiling. He started to walk towards the house and I had to run to catch up. When I did he matched my pace so I didn't stumble around. We reached the infirmary and it was three sections. One section was minor injuries and they were all on cots. on the other side were small rooms filled with the majorly injured and the surgery room. Finally the middle was like a waiting room for the majorly injured. "So where are we starting?"

" You are watching today. Tomorrow you we will go over everything you need to know and then when you know it by heart you will work your way up through the injuries once with me once without." I nodded. " No objections?" He said frowning.

" Why would I object we are talking about lives here. You know better on this then I do." He smiled and waved me towards the waiting area. There was a small girl in a chair.

" Maybelle, this is Katie she will be observing you today." 

" Wait I thought I'd be with you." 

" I have surgeries to do and can't be distracted so Maybelle is next in line." The little girl hoped down and walked towards me with confidence. She could be no older then nine. she took a hair tie of her wrist and tied her ebony hair in a pony tail. 

" Come on miss. You have lots to learn." She said merrily. She wrapped her small hand in mine and pulled me away from Liam. " Liam is more experienced but I'm stronger so one day I'll take his place." She sounded proud and she had every right to be. " Come on. Hurry they need their meds and then I have to start the healing on the major patients."

" Does every thing work fast here?"

" Only the good ones do." I picked my pace up. We stopped at a cart with all kinds of medication on it. On the handle of the cart it said Maybelle. " All the meds have numbers that match the beds. If there are letters they go to the rooms. You get to make sure they swallow them. You have to watch them put it in their mouth and swallow if they don't tell me. If you don't know how to give them put them on the bottom sel and we can go over them together." I nodded and started.

Most of them were basic medication only one person refused the meds which Maybelle would not allow. She pinched his nose and held the pill against his mouth so when he went to breathe he swallowed it with the air. There were however three meds I put on the bottom shelf.

" Don't feel bad Katie. These are the more complicated meds." I felt like a child who didn't know anything. Ironic I know. We turned into the room and the patient was covered in burns. She reached down down to a basket on the botom self and pulled out a water bottle. She dropped the purplish red leaves in the bottle and shook it. The water looked like red aloe. " We call this ABG or Anti Burns Gel."

" Oh so you rub it on him?" 

" No that could be horrible for both me and the patient." She laughed

" Then what?"

" Well we rub this on minor burns but as you see he is completely covered in them so we stick those pads on him that attach to the skin to those pouches. So when we put ABG in the pouch it trickles down in his body so he is constantly getting it all day and his body spreads it on it's own causing less work for us and faster treatment for him."

" Oh that's cool." It was cool it looked so simple a machine to have such responsiblity.

"So go on do it." She thrusted the bottle at me and I was a little shocked. " If I were you I'd do it good because Liam will try to not let you do anything." I hurried over and poured the stuff in. The man let out a sigh and I was immediately happy about the small job I did.

" Ok now what about the other two?" I said turning to her.

" These one goes in a needle and injected in the mans head I need to do that one." She held up the black liquid  that when I tried to give to the guy she screamed at me like a banish. Now I see why. " And these one is a lot easier." She held up a orange smooth rock and handed it's cup to me.

"And that is?"

" She swallows it. This rock will make sure she isn't fertile." My eyes widened. I looked at the cup and there were no numbers or letters.

" Where do I give it to her?"

" She should be in the waiting area now." I took off. I saw her sitting alone in the chair watching the nurses run around. Her red and black hair spiked like normal. I tapped her shoulder and she turned around.

" Mayb....." Her smile dropped and she stood up. " What are you doing here?" I held up the rock. " Katie it's not what you think!"

" And what do I think?" I rose my eyebrows.

" You either think me and Jake are you know...... or you think I'm with another guy."

" And those aren't true?"

"No! I mean yes they aren't true." She was about to go in hysterics but I kept my voice leveled.

" Then what is?"

" I.... I ... Just give me the rock." She snatched the rock up swallowed it and ran out the door with me staring after her. I will figure out what's going on I promised myself.

" Katie! Get in here!" I heard Maybelle yell. I went in the room she was in and instantly froze. There was a man in the bed and his skin and muscles were peeling back. He was screaming in horror and she had the needle in her hand not knowing what to do.

"Whats going on Maybelle?"

" This is the first time he woke up in two months. He hasn't been healing. I need help e can't touch him he is infectious." She was panicked. He went to grab her and I puled my dagger out and threw it. It connected with his shirt and pinned his arm to the wall behind. I repeated myself when he reached for her again.

" Solider!" I put power in my voice and he instantly stopped what he was doing and listened to me."You are not to move. You are in no danger. You feel no pain but you will let us heal you and you will follow whatever me and this young lady here says until you no longer are with me. Do you understand?" 

"Yes" He croaked. Maybelle stood there with wide eyes looking back and forth between the two of us.

" Ok Maybelle you can continue?" She nodded and did what she had to. Liam soon was in the room staring at the scene with Maybelle stabbing the now awake man in the head with a mysterious needle.

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