Chapter 10

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On the way home I got really nervous. We decided it was best if Marcus went in with me while Damon sneaked up and started packing. I already told them about my dream at our new house while we were making plans. Damon said something about looking at some prophecies.

"Katie?" Marcus whispered breaking me out of my thoughts.


"You want me to go first or you?"

"Me" So that's how we went in thankfully no one was waiting for me. "Anyone home?" Marcus tilted his head and shook his head no. I sighed in relief and grabbed his hand and started towards the backyard.

"Where are we going? Shouldn't we help Damon?"

"Yea but there's something I need to get first and it'll be faster with your help." I went in the shed and grabbed two shovels.Handing him one I started explaining. " My grandmother discovered what my parents did to me and she left all her money to me along with a few other things. Before she died she told me what I needed to know to retrieve them. She told me to wait until I either really needed it or when I got out of their clutches. So since I'm getting out I need to grab her stuff."

"Ok." It didn't take long to reach it and with Marcus's help removing and breaking the wooden planks in the way so I could keep digging we were done in a few minutes. I grabbed the metal box and threw it in my now empty backpack. I pulled my phone out and started dialing.

"Hello Trevor?"

"Hey Katie?" He sounded unsure

"Yea I need to call in that favor."

"Ok what can I do for you sweet pea."

"I'm moving with two teenage boys into a old house."

"Awe and you want me to do my works?"

"Yep" I said popping the p.

"How long do I got?" I looked at Marcus. Marcus held up nine fingers and gave me a curious look.

" You have til nine. Will that work?"

"Honey, with that time I can do a whole castle." He said showing his gay accent."

"Ok then." I gave him our address and we said our goodbyes.

"What was that about?"

"Trevor has been hiding that he is gay for along time but one time his parents asked me. Trevor thought I'd rat him out since he didn't really know me but I just laughed and made his parents think we had sex. He claims he owes me his life pretty dramatic if you ask me but since he is a home stylist I figured he'd be able to fix the place up before we get there so there won't be anything we need to fix up unless you don't like his taste." Marcus just shook his head at me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

When I walked into my old room everything was packed we just had to take it down. Damon was over joyed when he learned we didn't have to bring in the furniture to. After my house we packed his up and told his land lord he was moving out. Then we went to the orphanage and watched Marcus say good bye to everyone while me and Damon packed his stuff. When we got to his boxers I realized something.

"No Katie I didn't touch your undergarments."

"If your going to read my mind you should at least let me ask." He just laughed at that. "Anyways how'd you pack the then?"

"I dumped the drawer in the box, deciding to let you show me when you were ready." He put his cocky smirk on and I laughed.

"Like that'll happen."

"A guy can hope."


By nine we were exhausted. We reached the house and was surprised how awesome it looked and I knew the boys were to cause they were standing in the door way gawking.

" Tomorrow we need to shop to stock this place up." In the corner of my eye I saw them nodding. I was looking around when I saw a paper on the table. I started to read it out loud.

"Dear Katie or mysterious boys, I took the liberty to stock up your house since I had extra time and money. I hope you enjoy everything I had to offer. I gave only the bast to my Katie and her boys." I smiled at the 'her boys' part. I felt a pair of arm wrap around me and a chin on my shoulder causing me to jump. I looked up into the chocolate brown eyes as he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"You still owe Marcus, Katie." I gave him a questioning look. "Katie, he did this for you he never planned on living here he just didn't like the idea of you being alone with me. Just like I don't like you being alone with him."

"Then why are you telling me I owe him."

"Cause you do. I'm not saying sleep with the guy or do anything you don't want to but you should at least show him you appreciate what he is doing. He didn't have to invite me I hadn't invited him." I nodded knowing he was right and went to find Marcus. I found he in what I assume to be the room he claimed. It was a nice room it was black and midnight blue. He was staring out the window when I knocked on his door letting him know I was there. He turned around and stared at me curiously.

"Hey Marcus?"

"Hey Katie? I thought you'd be in bed."

"I'm taking it you couldn't hear us down stairs?"

"Bedrooms are sound proof." He smiled.

"Ah well I was wondering....."I stepped in closing the door.


"If I could.... sleep in here?" He just stared at me with wide eyes. "It's just it's a new place and I'm a little scared I know it's stupid but I'm worried if my parents find me." I lied, I know they wouldn't look for me and if they did they'd ask Jessica. He bought it though and he walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Katie you can sleep in here whenever you want. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you." I smiled knowing he was telling the truth, so I pulled away a little with a smile and looked up at him. When I looked into his face all I could see is love I don't know how I've never seen it before but I was happy to now. That's when I decided Damon was right I owed Marcus a lot more then either would realize. So I leaned up and let my lips meet his. I would of feel from the mere force of it if he hadn't been holding me so tightly. My arms wrapped around his neck and he picked me up. Some time during this my hand latched on to his hair and he carried me to his bed. We still didn't break apart and when his tongue begged for entrance I let him as he put me down with him above me. His hands started to lower and raise my shirt so he could rub them along my stomach when I didn't object his hands went higher slowly making sure I wouldn't change my mind.

He then reached behind me with one hand while raising me with another and as if finally deciding something he ripped my shirt off. I moaned from the pain and pleasure it brought me he then took my bra off so I was bare from the waist up but I didn't have time to think about it as he trailed kisses down my neck nipping here and there.I moaned when he breathed on my are chest. He flicked his tongue out and one of his hands trailed down my stomach. I started to glow causing him to pause.

"Katie are you ok?" I shook my head no cause I still couldn't form words. He pulled away looking at me confused.

"I didn't mean for it to get this far..." I hung my head but he picked it back up.

"It's ok Katie. We can go as slow as you want I'm just happy you let me go as far as we did. Your worth waiting for Katie."

"No I'm not." He looked at me like I was the stupidest girl in the world.

"Yes you are Katie." He then got up and went to his dresser and pulled out a T-shirt. "Here if you don't want to go further then I need you to cover your self up." I blushed at that and took the shirt happily. Once the shirt was on and I noticed it went to my knees I got up and slide my jeans off causing Marcus to growl. I looked at him and smirked causing him to blush and I walked up to him and did what I came here for. I pressed my lips on his this time a more innocent kiss and pulled away.

"Thanks Marcus for everything."

"It was my pleasure Katie." I took his hand and pulled him to bed and I fell asleep in a dreamless sleep wrapped around in his arms.

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