John got up and strolled out of the room when Marcus came in. I looked at him and my smile immediately fell.  He looked like he wanted to yell at me, cry and hug me to death all at the same time. Instead he sat across from me.

"Demetri told me what happened." He said it so quietly I almost didn't hear him. Not knowing what to say I nodded and looked at the floor. "Katie I'm proud that you stood up at him but what Demetri told me you did to him and would of ........ Katie what was going through your head?" I looked at him shocked how could he ask me that. He knew better then Demetri he has seen the things they did to me. I got up to leave but he grabbed my arm. I spun around and I lost it. Everything came pouring out.

"What was I thinking?! I was thinking here is a man who is appose to love me and protect me but abused me. Here is a man who is planning on to most likely rape me in a dirty dank road. Here is a man who killed the one person who tried to save me by beating her to death! She died because of me Marcus!" I fell to my knees. " My grandmother died because she stood up for me." I whispered the last part. 

He pulled me into his lap and stroke my hair. "I'm sorry Katie I didn't know." We sat there like that for along time  

"Hey Katie? You ok in here?" I looked up to see Jake walking in with a smile on his face. I nodded and whipped my tears away. "Well I came to say nice job with your old man." At least someone was on my side. " I also came to tell you that Demetri said you shouldn't damage your guards but I told him what kind of guards are they if they lost to a two on one fight. He had nothing to say to that so the guards want to see how many of them you can take at a time if your up to it of course." I nodded now smiling.

" Sounds fun."

"That's my girl. Well it's off to bed with you then Missy I need you to save my reputation." I gave Marcus a kiss on the cheek and left. Ten minutes later I was lost once again. I was staring at the stone  walls hoping for a clue to tell me where people were.

"Mame..... Are you lost?" I jumped three feet in front of me was a small boy in a suit.

"I'm Katie." He nodded. "Would you know where my room is by any chance or know where I can find out?"

" Yes your on the top level in the tower. They decided to put you in the hardest place to access."

"Great. So what' s boy like you doing here." He smiled.

"I'm not a boy Katie. I am 28 years old. I'm a chameleon I can change my appearance at will but I find it's better to look like a little boy." I laughed. 

"What's your name?"

"Hm... call me Cam. Well here we are I don't know how to get in so I hope you do." I just stared at the blank stone wall. I sat down along it, How am I appose to get in there? It stared to get cold and I was growing more scared by the second of freezing to death. I stood up and placed my glowing hand on the wall planning on searching for any indicators. When I placed my hand down the wall pushed open. Inside was a stair case. When I started up the wall closed behind me.

"Katie! Katie!" Jake and Marcus's voices came through the wall.

"Katie we can't open it you have to so please let us in!" Marcus yelled the same time Jake yelled. 

"If you do not open this door girl your boyfriend here will be in the hospital for a month!" He sounded serious which caused me to run back. hitting the button I hoped opened the door I waited. When the door opened the crashed at my feet. I fell down laughing at the sight of them spooning. "Katie shut your pretty little mouth." He said this trying to shove a dazed Marcus off him.

I reached his hand and pulled him up. We walked up the stairs and I finally got to see my room. I was looking around my room It was red white and beige. There was a circular area with a couch along the wall length windows. There was a iron chandler that swirled like a cage with one candle that lit that whole side of the room. My bed was king sized and across from it there was a fire place.

My room was like a luxury suite. It had it's own kitchen that was stocked, a book self framing around the fireplace and  it's own master bathroom. The tub was the size of a Jacuzzi and had jets. "Dang Katie you get this while we have a wardrobe and four bunk beds in our room." 

"I didn't know that... maybe if I knew more about this place we could figure something out." i was starting to feel guilty about this room now.

" All the rooms are filled only you and Ashley have your own rooms since your the only girls."

"Maybe I'll share with her..."

"Don't worry about it anyways this is your safe house no one is appose to be able to get in anyways." 

"Well do you guys want to stay in here tonight?" I started to yawn.

"I don't think that's a good idea," He was staring at Marcus.

"Whys that?"

"He's worried about if I'd be mad about him in here with us." Marcus stated. "Just hands to yourself man and I have no problems." 

"Ok guess I'm staying." 

"Well I'm changing." I walked towards the bathroom with a yawn clothes in my hand. When I walked out the boys were yelling. I ignored them and hide some of my weapons around the room. Jake pulled his knife out but I came up and grabbed their hands. They both gave me a funny look and were going to protest but I shh-ed them and pulled them to the bed. I laid in between them and crashed.


"Hello my daughter." I curtsied. "My child I have not seen you for awhile now."

"I know my mother." The words came out but didn't mean them.

"You are here for your human father. He must be dealt with but I want you to know he is being dealt want he dealt others but he will never die here. There is one more thing I wish to gift you with." I stared at her in confusion but she was gone and in her place was my grandmother.

"Grandma!" I was so happy to see her I had to stop myself from jumping on her.

"Katelyn..... my dear I have missed you so much." Her voice sounded stronger then I remember. "Child I wish you to know one thing you can not blame yourself for what happened."


"No buts you are a strong beautiful young woman and you have done this old lady proud. It is not your fault that I gave birth to such an evil woman but thankfully she blessed me with such a special granddaughter." She wiped the tear off my cheek.

"I love you grandma."

"I love you to Kit-Kat" I smiled at my old nickname. "I must go sweetie but know I'm still watching over you."

"Ok Gran, goodbye." She was gone and this time I embraced the fall.


"Morning Katie." I opened my eyes and screamed causing him to fall off the bed.

"Jake what were you doing in my face like that!" I looked over to see Marcus sound a sleep.

"How can he be still asleep?" I shrugged and made some coffee for us.

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