The next morning I woke up with an evil plan.I am going to get myself kicked out for the day. I text'd Damon and Marcus telling them that I was planning on getting kicked out which just worried them to pieces. Ignoring there texts I went down stairs to the kitchen and made them breakfast. I then mopped the floors and everything like I normally would. They were waiting for their food at the table.

"Where the hell is our food you stupid pig?"

"It's on its way mother."

"Don't you call me that I would never give birth to an ugly thing like you.'

"Yes Mame." I smiled looking forward to my plan. "Here you go I made strawberry and banana waffles." She nodded and dad grunted their acceptance. I walked into the kitchen and waited. One...... Two.... Three.... 

"AHHHHH!!!!" I ran back in faking shock.

"What's wrong Mame?" Unfortunately one look at her blue face and I busted up laughing.

"How dare you? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!"

"Yes Mame."I ran and grabbed the bag I placed next to the door and jumped into Damon's waiting car still laughing.

"What did you do Katie?" He looked scared

"I made waffles cut out the middle of them and filled a balloon with blue food dye!" Saying this in between laughs. "So when she went to cut it the balloon exploded all over her. I wish I could see her face when she tries to scrub it off with a towel full of hair dye!"

"You are one wicked girl. Remind me not to get on your bad side I happen to like my face." He was smiling.

"So where we going?"

"Well it matters."

"On if you packed a bathing suit or not." 

"I did." I said smiling.

"Then text Marcus and tell him so."


We pulled up to a small lot on the side of the freeway.

"Damon where are we?"

"Just shh already and put this on." He handed me a blind fold and I tied it around my face covering my eyes.

"You won't let me fall or run into anything right?" I asked not so sure I trusted him but he laughed and picked me up. "Don't you dare drop me either!" This just made him laugh more and he wrapped my arms around his neck and started walking.

"Damon, will you tell me now? We've been walking forever." I whined. He thought it was the funniest thing that I was so impatient.

"No Katie. We are almost there."

"That's what you said like an hour ago."

He laughed. "No it was ten minutes ago."

"Oh, How much longer?" I didn't get to here his reply because Marcus called out.

"About time. Katie drive you crazy yet Damon?"

"Not yet Marcus."

"Hey that is just rude!" They laughed at me, of course. I huffed. "Can I take this wretched thing off now?"

"No" They said at they same time.

"Why not?"

"We aren't there yet?"


"I needed Marcus to help me get you there Katie so be ready for a rocky ride."

"Just hurry up."

"We are trying." I nodded. as he tossed me up and I screamed. Thankfully I never went down just up to Marcus's arms.

"Shh Katie I got you. He said it'd be rocky." I could feel Marcus chuckling.

"He could of warned me Marcus."

"True. You coming Damon?"


"Well hurry up so I can toss her to you." I started to panic." Katie just trust us if he doesn't catch you I will ok?" I nodded.

I heard some movement from above us and assumed it was Damon climbing up. I got thrown again two more times after that so I was in Marcus's arms when they took the blind fold off and it was worth the wait.

"Oh My God." Was the only reply I could say as I looked at the beauty before me. It had a few waterfalls that emptied into the clearest water I've ever seen  It was isolated from the rest of the forest and it had all sort of colorful fish swimming in the pool of water. "I've never seen anything like it." Marcus and Damon came on either side of me and hugged me saying Happy Birthday and all I could do was smile like a moron thinking this was the best birthday ever.

"Hey Katie?" Marcus whispered as I was still in awe.


"You going to go change in to your bathing suit or you going in like this?"I went to answer but got interrupted by Damon.

"She could always go in nude I don't think either of us would mind." I heard Marcus punch his shoulder as I grabbed my bag and walked away blushing.

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