Running as fast as I could I heard heavy foot steps behind me. I turned a corner and reached a dead end. Panicking I spun around to see him slowly walking towards me. I was thankful for the street lamp that helped conceal my glow. Calling my power to me I focused and grabbed the knife it my boot. 

"  Nice toy Katelyn, but a little kinky for my tastes." I repressed my shudder. " Your so pretty for such a wretched child. Your mother was always jealous of you. Did you know that?" He took a swing of a bottle of liquor that seemed to appear from no where.

"What did she have to be jealous about father?" 

"Well how much prettier you are then her of course." I was shocked in all my life they never gave me a compliment and to finally receive one filled me with joy. I soon realized that was a mistake when he walked forward. " I knew you wanted me." I instantly felt disgusted and fearful. I once again thanked the light since I could feel my glow growing brighter. Then it hit me the reason for my glow! It wasn't a warning of danger it was fear!  Fear of loosing myself to Marcus made me glow, fear of Marcus dying, fear for my life, and fear of what my father is planning to do to me. My fear makes me stronger and with that thought I faced him and held on it my fear of this man. 

"You will not hurt me again father!" There was no power in my voice but I could feel it flow through me. I embraced the warm liquid flowing through my veins seeping out of me. He took a step back from me shook his head and kept coming forward. " I may be afraid of you but that does not make me weak."

" You don't sound sure of that."

"Oh I am" I laughed causing him to stop.

"You will yield to me like your grandma had before her death." He shouldn't of said that my power flared  from anger from his words. When she found out what they did to me they beat her to her death but there was no proof. I saw the pictures of her beaten body though and I knew. I raised my hand to realize the glow has faded and smirked at him. I was no longer afraid I was filled with rage and hatred for this excuse of a man.

" You will not talk about her again and you will never touch me." 

"Big words to speak for such a..." I clamped my hand cutting of his speak. He fell to his knees clawing at his throat and I finish the last few steps so I could meet his eyes.

"Oh no father you are burning alive." He started screaming as his skin started to boil. "Oh no father you will not die til I unclasped my fist." He was ripping his skin off leaving scratch marks everywhere.

"That is enough Katelyn!" My head flew up to the new voice. My eyes widened at the sight of Demetri and Ashley. I was shocked at the use of my name Demetri never has called me that before but I was to filled with rage to be to fazed by it.

"You can not tell me when it is enough you hadn't had to deal with him your whole life. You did't have him kill the one person who protected you as a child. You don't have no right telling me when it is enough. This horrid person should pay for everything he has done!" I was screaming by the end. Ashley took a step towards me but he stopped her.

"How are you able to do this Katie? You know it's wrong please just let him die and let Freya punish him the way he deserves." I started crying I let my hand go and the screams stopped. I was falling to my knees but Ashley caught me Demetri soon came up and scooped me out of her arms. I clung to him and finally mourned for the woman who was murder because of me." Katie you were right I don't know how it was but I know how it is. I know you don't have to ever see them again and I know you are like a daughter to me and it breaks my heart seeing you like that."

I hugged him tighter because I felt the same way. Demetri was like my dad. "Where are we going?" I looked up at him wiping my tears away.

"Elders decided we can't do anything right so we got a free new home." That got Ashley laughing for who knows why,

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