( Please do not copy any of this I made it up and have know idea how it really would turn out.)

" I need a pot, salt and bread crumbs." She took off as told. Marcus came in and sat across from where I was cutting up the gator meat. "What Marcus?!"

"Just watching."

"Do you know this kitchen?" I looked up just long enough to she him nod. "Good you get to help. Go get me get me potatoes and a cutting board." The girl came back with what I said. " That pot is to small I'll need another and vegetable oil." She took off and I noticed Marcus still sitting there. "Marcus either help or go away." He got up and I sighed. I filled half the pot with water and added a pinch of salt. Then I went to where I got told all the spices were and grabbed rosemary thyme lavender and paprika. I mixed my seasonings with the breadcrumbs.

"Uh mame what are you doing?"

" You said to treat the alligator like a sweeter chicken that's what I'm doing."

"Those aren't in the recipe though."

" I know." She nodded and handed me the pot and oil. "Fill the pot half with water and put the heat on medium." Marcus walked up with a big bag of potatoes then and I smiled. "Great! Can you get me butter out of the fridge?" He held it out to me.

"I figured you'd need it you add salt and butter to almost everything." I quickly kissed his cheek. I coated the alligator in my now buttery mixture and plopped them in the pots then added oil to the the top of the pot.

"One of you cover those and keep an eye on it if it boils over tell me. The other is cutting potatoes."

"What about you?" Marcus asked

"I'm going to make the mixture more the wedges and start on the main course."

"I thought this was the main course." I scoffed.

" No they risk their lives for me I'm going to give them real food." 

" Then what is the main course?" the girl asked.

" It is a surprise." I turned and left them to there tasks.


Half an hour to diner everything was being placed in the warmers until it was time to serve. We finished early with Marcus's help so we decided on making a raspberry and chocolate drizzled sorbet which are in there freezer for the time being. The servers were just walking through the door. 

"Chef did you make an appetizer?" 

"I didn't have time Mame." He sounded shocked that I'd even ask him such a thing.

"Ok then the servers are mine for now." I turned to the servers "I want all my appetizers on the table spread out evenly before they start coming in they have orders to be here in half an hour so you probably have fifteen minutes." They nodded and I motioned to the girl, who I found out her name was Sarah, she walked to one of the of the warmers that held the alligator. " We will pour the sauce and then Marcus will hand them to you to take."

So the next fifteen minutes went then we gave them instructions for the rest and Sarah told us she'd watch them that we can go eat. I told her I made an extra plate for her and she gave me wide eyes and hugged me thanking me for my kindness. I found the whole thing odd but didn't comment on it.

We walked in hand in hand but stopped and started laughing the moment we walked in. There were to groups of tables one with my food on it and one with the chef's. Mine had all the guards moaning and holding there food like some one will take it away any second. The other table had the guards looking at the moaning guards with desire and looking at there food with disgust. When I could breathe i noticed Ashley John and Jake teasing the other table. I let go of Marcus's hand to sit next to the Captain. 

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