I walked over to the patient and pulled my knives out so he could put his arms down Liam just stared at me in horror. It wouldn't last long though I think his brain was in a state of shock. I turned to Maybelle.

" Maybelle, why don't you take Liam and explain what is happening while I keep him calm?" She nodded and walked off with the good doctor. " Do you want water?" He nodded. " I'm sorry about what I had to do I don't like it but it was necessary." He nodded again as I grabbed a water from her cart. " Here you go." He started to chug it but I motioned for him to slow it down. 

" What is your name miss?" He said roughly.

" Katelyn but my friends call me Katie." 

" Well then I will stick to Katelyn for now." I nodded I looked down at my hands so my hair fell in my face. I grabbed a hair tie out of a baggy I saw on Maybelle's cart and pulled my hair back. I looked at him and heard him gasp. " Your a... your a...." It took me a minute to realize wait he was trying to say.

" Yea I am a blessed." I rolled my eyes. " No need to make a big deal out of it. I'm only in here to learn how to heal I figured it'd be a good thing to learn since I don't have anything else to challenge me." 

" No big deal! Katelyn it's a huge deal! Do you not know what it means to e blessed?"

" I do." I sighed.

" Then how is it not a big deal?" He was frowning in confusion.

" I don't want to be treated differently because of it. It's bad enough having to be watched all the time.   I don't need or want to be treated helpless." He nodded his understanding.

" Will you do the same for me then?" I frowned not understanding. " I mean with this thing I have."

" Oh of course I will."

" Thanks. "

" No problem." I touched his hand and felt a weird tingle sensation but he yanked it away.

" Katelyn what are you thinking?! Hold up your hand. We may need Liam in here fast." I looked at my hand but there was nothing wrong with it as far as I could see then I looked at him and it clicked his disease Maybelle said not to touch him. My eyes widened as I scanned my hand over and over again.

" How long til it shows effects?"

" Immediately."

" Then why don't I......" I looked down at his hand to see it was perfectly healed. I stood up and walked towards the doorway. " Maybelle! Liam! I need someone in here!" I heard running foot steps and they stopped panting in front of me. When they saw nothing wrong the gave me questioning looks.

" Why are you yelling for us Katie?" Liam asked being the first to recover. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the patient and pointed to his hand. " Micheal how did that happen?" He shrugged but answered.

" I don't know she just touched my hand."

" Katie?" I shrugged. " I'd like to ask you to touch him again but it can be dangerous we don't know anyway to cure it just stop it from growing like cancer in a way." I nodded  and quickly touched Micheal's cheek. The dead rotting skin came alive and rebuilt itself in front of my eyes in a mere second.  I looked at my hand to see no signs of contamination.

" Try holding the spot I wonder if it will grow outwards and heal but either way with out a doubt her doing this with no training, not trying, and not getting it her healing and power is greater then ours Liam. " Maybelle said. I did as I was told and she was right the longer I held the farther the healing went. 

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