I was on the beach with the black sand again. Freya stood in front of me with bracelets in her hands. " My daughter it is time to sit on your throne. You will need the strength you hold in you to come out now." I nodded. " Everything I have told you will be important when you awaken. Don't trust anything my daughter. Only yourself and Damon."

" Damon stabbed me." She smiled at me.

" Just follow my warnings my daughter and you will understand soon. For now though it is time for you to take your rightful place beside me and to be told what you trully are." I followed her to the throne and she motioned me to my knees. " Raise your arms. " I followed her command and she put one bracelet on my left wrist and the other on my right forearm. " I awaken the princess of this realm. My daughter Katelyn.  For she has a goddesses true blood in her she may rule with honor." She took my hand and led me to the throne and I sat down still shocked by her words. A goddess! I'm a goddess! Or am I a demigoddess? As if she read my mind she answered. " My daughter you are a goddess no more no less. You were born to save your realm as I was born to watch over all the realms. You have my powers but a different mission." I nodded. I could feel my skin soaking up the power from the gold and white throne underneath me. She soon left and I started to fade to. There was no fall just the sense of moving without moving.


" Get out of here now!" Damon yelled. I tried to not move and fake sleep.

" Marcus we are here because Freya herself sent us." An unknown voice said. Wait a minute that's not Marcus. I know Marcus's voice that's Damon right? 

" I don't care blessed or not go away." I heard foot steps retreat in a hurry. I felt the bed dip alittle. I fake stirred. " Katie? Are you awake?" The voice was a lot softer then before. I opened my eyes and saw Marcus in front of me. I frowned.

"Marcus?" Something didn't feel right.

" Hey sweety." He smiled but it didn't look right some how it was more forced and different from the smile I knew. I looked into his eyes trying to figure out what was wrong and instead of meeting the deep blue eyes I fell for I found chocolate brown ones. Those are Damon's eyes not Marcus's. I sat up and scooted to the headboard.

" Who are you?!" I went for my weapon but found none. Marcus would of left them on me knowing I hated to be without them and Jake would of put them back if he saw someone remove them.

" I'm Marcus." I shook my head no. He was getting angry with me. " That stupid man screwed everything up didn't he!"

"Where is Jake? Or any of the others?" He looked at me unsure.

" They aren't here." What does that mean? Are they dead?

" Your not Marcus you look like him but your not him. Who are you?" I was feeling hysterical.

" I am Marcus.  I promise you that." It felt true but something was still wrong. I looked down at my arms where the bracelets were placed to see tattoos instead. They were tribal arm bands with a kiss in the middle of them. I touched them. Then I rubbed at them and they wouldn't come off. I looked at the man who claims to be Marcus. He was frowning at them. "Those weren't there earlier today."

" If your Marcus then prove it."  He walked to the middle of the room and shifted into a wolf. It was Marcus's wolf but something still seemed wrong. I did a fake sigh. He seemed happy about that and sat on my bed again. " Marcus what happened after Damon stabbed me.

" He took you but when Jake and Mike noticed you weren't there they went back for you and got killed. Damon thought he killed you and left you in the feild where i found you the next day. No one made it to our hiding place but I ran into some people who said they could save you." I started to cry this isn't Marcus. Marcus would of been upset, so then how did he change into his wolf and where is the real Mqrcus? I had to be sure though so I asked the one thing only me and Marcus knew.

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