Chapter 11

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"Katie.... Katie... wake up." I rolled over and put my head under my pillow. " Come on we have school today."

"Go away."

"Your in my room remember?" At that I shot up and looked around it all came back to me and blushed deeply. "That got you up. Come on sleepy head you need to go get dressed."

"What time is it ?"


"What and your waking me now?" I got up and ran to my room to realize I didn't know where it is I turned to a laughing Marcus who held a door next to his room open and I ran through it. Running to my dressers I scanned them to see that Trevor put in a whole new wardrobe.  I grabbed a black lace bra with matching underwear, black skinny jeans, a white tank top and a black half jacket. I then ran to my closet with stuff in hand and grabbed a pair of stiletto boots. I hope I could walk in them. I reached for the bottom of the T-shirt I was wearing to be interrupted but a cough and froze.

"As much as we'd love to watch you give us a show I know I'd never live it down if I didn't tell you." I turned around thanked Damon and slammed the door in their faces. When I was done getting dressed they were still staring at me.I raced down stairs and started to cook. "Katie, slow down what is the rush?" I didn't answer.

"She doesn't like being late and she hates being waited on." Marcus answered.

"Oh, then why is she cooking?" I froze and cursed under my breathe. Turning around embarrassed.

"It's force of habit." I answered they nodded in understanding.

"Well you don't have to do that. You just aren't aloud to complain about our cooking if you don't." Marcus said coming up behind me taking the food out of my hands.

"Speak for yourself Marcus. If the girl wants to cook I prefer her food over yours. After eating her food everything would taste like dirt." I smiled at Damon. I walked to the fridge and grabbed an apple.

"I think she should teach us how to cook."

"Nope it's a secret Marcus." I replied.

"I'll tell you one thing she doesn't do it any way I've seen before and my dad was a cook." We looked at Damon in shock cause this was the first time he has said anything about his family. "What?"

"Nothing" We replied together and turned around. At six thirty we headed out to the garage and we stopped dead in our tracks.

"I forgot to put my car in here now I wish I hadn't." Damon being the first to break the silence. Sitting in the garage was a black Lamborghini with a red bow attached to the hood. Marcus walked up to it first and read a card he found. He looked up at me.

"It says it's for you from that Trevor guy." He whispered in awe.

"You have to meet me to this Trevor so I can get rid of my Mitsubishi for an upgrade," I was still stunned when Damon looped his arm in mine and dragged me to Marcus. "Marcus you get front." Marcus nodded and handed me my keys. I slowly sat down in the driver seat as the boys got in I pressed the button to open the garage and just grinned like a little kid on Christmas.


When we reached school everyone stopped and stared. Jessica ran up to us. "Oh my "f"ing god Katie is this yours?" I just nodded. "Since when were you rich?" 

"Since always Jess."

"I know I've seen your house remember but that wasn't really you that was them."

"No I just never used the money still haven't."

"Then how'd you get this car." She took a deep breathe. " Did you steal it? Don't worry I won't tell." Damon was laughing his stupidly sexy butt of his causing Jessica to glare at him.

"Jess it was a gift calm down."

"From who?"

"My friend Trevor."

"You have a rich friend and never told me.'

"Well he wasn't so much a friend to me but he owed me a favor and went all out on it."

"Will you hook us up?" This caused both boys to laugh and fall to the ground."What's so funny?" She said stomping her foot causing them to laugh harder.

"Jess..." I said barely keeping my own laughter in. When she looked at me I continued."He's gay."

"Oh...." She turned bright red at that.

"Hey hyenas." I said nudging them with my foot. " Get off the dirty ground before I decide to take my car and find my own place." This caused them to sober up fast and look at me shocked.

Marcus replied "You wouldn't" the same time Damon jumped to my car and yelled. " Don't take our baby." I just turned around and walked in to the school.

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