I woke up wrapped in warmth. Looking up up I saw those blue eyes and smiled.

"Morning Katie."

"Morning Marcus."

"How'd you sleep?" I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips. I got up leaving him smiling as I went and got clothes on. Climbing back in bed there was a knock at my door. I froze and listened.

"Hey Katie! hurry up and get out here we need to talk and tell Marcus to get up to." Jake's voice drifted to our ears and we busted up laughing.

"Will do Jake." I said cracking the door open. He handed me some of Marcus's clothes. When I shut the door I felt arms go around me and take the clothes from me. I turned around and for a second I saw Damon. I opened my mouth to scream but I then it flashed back to Marcus.

"You ok Katie?" I nodded my head.

"Yea I'm fine I just thought I saw something." He frowned at me but dropped it. Trying to ignore the feeling something was wrong I looked up at him and smiled. " You know we might want to think about just sharing a room with the way it's going." He looked down at me mouth hanging open.

"Are you serious?"

"If you don't want to fine." I started to leave so he wouldn't see the hurt I felt but he grabbed me around the waist and swung me around.

"I'd love to Katie." I didn't have time to respond before his lips were on mine again. Unfortunately someone coughed grabbing our attention. My cheeks flared at a very amused looking Jake. "What do you want Jake?" Marcus practically growled.

"I was wondering what was taking you so long but now I see." With that I skidded past him and went to meet up with Demetri.

"Hey Katie. While Jake is pestering Marcus can we start?" I nodded.

"Ok then I am Jinx and Jake is a fiery."

"OK... and what does that mean?"

"Simply I can cause people to have bad luck for the next hour with a touch of my power and Jake controls fire and can start one with a thought."

"Why tell me this?'

"Well as your guards you need to know so it'll be easier to work together and to show you we trust you." I nodded since it made sense."Now they other thing we wanted to talk about is you."


"Yes you. You see Katie you were born from humans so you don't know much about our world." I nodded and reached to get a cup of water. " You've already finished one part of the prophecy so we need you ready for the next."

" I know you can't tell me the prophecy but will you tell me what I did complete?" He nodded.

"I'll skim through. You became blessed and you found the one who will help you through your journey."

"Who did I find?"

"Marcus you had him the whole time but it wasn't time for you to realize it til you had a choice. As the prophecy stated 'One shall betray The Daughter while the other shall love her truly. One shall try to destroy her as the other shall guide her through.' And I believe that's Marcus who has always guided you."

"That makes sense I guess." My head was starting to spin with this new information.

"So Jake will train you how to defend your self while I train Marcus and a friend of ours will come and explain to you everything you need to know so you can decide how to bring us to peace again." I didn't ask him to elaborate i have a feel I shouldn't ask. Marcus walked in scowling with a laughing Jake behind him. 

"Hey Katie." He said between laughs.

"Hey Jake."

"You ready to start?"


"Why not?" I didn't have an answer so we went out back.


It was midnight when we stopped. I have bruises cuts and burns all over my body. I was in so much pain I actually took Marcus's nasty food with no complaint. They had decided I needed to be in between  them so Marcus moved to my room and Demetri took up his leaving the guest room open so if I kick Marcus out. Every now and again I see Damon but then I blink and it's Marcus again School has been lame and I haven't heard from Kyle but I've seen him. My training has been gruesome but well worth it. Jake is still not aloud to eat my food but I have high suspicions that Demetri keeps sneaking him scraps. It wasn't until I snuck out of the house alone that things got interesting.

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