I sat on the bench and stared at the water while they walked up. " Katie it's time for diner."  

" Ok Marcus." I answered him smiling. I took his out stretched hand and stood up. I dusted my butt off and walked towards the building with his hand in mine. I kept thinking about the kiss with Damon and what he told me. Even though I know he spoke the truth it was hard to believe it. All I know for sure is I need to find the others to know exactly what happened for sure. 

Trust him my child. Her voice went through my head like a bell. 

" Marcus?"

"Yes?" He looked down at me curiously.

" Is it ok if I go to a room I'm not really hungry?" He kissed my forehead.

" Do you want something brought to you?" I shook my head no. " Do you feel ok?" 

" I'm fine Marcus. I just don't feel hungry."

" Ok I'll be there shortly sweety." He waved someone over to us. " This man will show you the way to our room." I nodded happily when inside I felt sick. When he left I turned to the boy.

" Do you want out of here?" He stared at me in shock but nodded. " Ok tell me what I need to know on security and if you help we can go now." He nodded. As he told me I was wondering if I was committing suicide. 

" Mame there is one way but it's a tight fit and can be dangerous on it's own but I have no powers to go through there on my own...." I looked at him.

" Show me." He took my hand and we walked outside. He pulled something on the ground that revealed a small hole and he was right it would be a tight fit. "Where does this go?"

" I'm not sure but Marcus takes it when he is about to kill so there should be no one in there." I nodded. It's our best chance. Only if I was smaller. I heard a crack as my bones shifted. The little boys eyes widened in terror. "Shh I'm ok." I said calmly as fur flowed along my skin.

I bent down on four paws. I looked at the little boy who was staring at me in aww. He stepped forward and picked me up in his arms then dropped me down the hole. I saw him jump down with my clothes in hand. "Your a cute kitty." My eyes widened I looked down at my paws and stretched my fingers out to reveal tiny claws. I looked behind me to see a tail whipping around.  

He closed the entrance. It was dark it the tunnel to the point we couldn't see any longer. I started to glow and we were able to see again. We were silent the whole way down. Soon we came to a spilt. He shrugged at me and waited for me to choose. We went right.

I could see a light from far away and the boy ran ahead I was on his trail. All of a sudden he was falling. I caught his shirt in my mouth. He screamed. I tried to pull him up but the shirt started to tear.   All of a sudden I was lifted off the ground with the boy still in my mouth.

" Finally we found you our goddess." I dropped the boy to the ground and twisted my small body to see a woman holding me. She had black hair and blue eyes. My eyes widened in recognition. "It's ok Katie, he doesn't know I'm here. Freya sent me as your prophet." Damon's sister raised her hand to her forehead and moved her bangs revealing a kiss on her forehead. " Every goddess has her inner circle picked by her mother and they are known as the blessed." I nodded my head. I would love to not believe her but she did save me and she was here. 

She set me down and picked the boy up and jumped over the hole. I followed her down the twisting tunnels. We reached the end not long after that. I went off to the side and shifted back and pulled my clothes on. I scooped up the boy and started walking to where our  meeting place was appose to be after the attack. We can only hope that they are still there.


We reached a road when a horn honked at us and stopped at the side of the road. A man in a suit stepped out and just sat there and stood staring at me." Um can we help you sir?" Damon's sister asked. He regained his posture. 

" Katelyn Fray?" I nodded. "I am sorry to be bear of bad news. We have been looking for you for almost a month now. Your father has been murdered in a robbery and your mother passed away from her cancer. They didn't have any will so as closest kin everything has been passed down to you. I was actually heading to a meeting now to see who next of kin after you was because we couldn't find you so I have everything you need. If you will sign for it." I nodded and he headed back. to his car. As I read the documents he continued. " This just says that you are willing to be responsible of their stuff. You will own your fathers music company and all their money along with their house and everything in it. You will also own their bank accounts. and safety deposit boxes." I signed. He handed me another packet filled with keys and the info I needed for their stuff before driving off. 

"Well that was lucky." I nodded in agreement.

" Let's go it's this way.


We reached the waterfall that Marcus and Damon took me to for my eighteenth birthday. There were tents all over the place. We walked careful closer and I drew my sword. It was really late at night so most were in bed or on patrol. My foot steps were trained to be silent but I swear she was purposely stepping on every branch and leaf in the area. 

There were raised voices and I followed them. " Come on. He said she is fine and we can trust her still you said she was your family so what are you worried about?" It was Ashley and I smiled.

" I'm worried she will belong to him now or what if she doesn't remember us Ash?" I stepped forward and spoke.

" Well if I forgot about you then how come I know your names Jake?" I smiled and his mouth dropped. " And why would I escape if I belonged to him? But last time I checked I belonged to no man."  They ran to me and engulfed me in their arms. The boy in my arms was squirming around trying to get out. 

" Katie we've missed you. Damon has been mopping around forever now." Ashley cried out.

" Wait do you know?" Jake said pulling back. I nodded crying with happiness.

"Yes I'm surprised you guys are still here." They pulled away.

" We had no where else to go and no one wanted to leave you behind. None of us would of made it if it wasn't for you, Katie." John said coming up behind them. 

" Hey John I've missed you."  He smiled.

" What's different about you Katie?" 

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