The ride to school was less awkward then last time we rode together by the time I got to school I was sad that it had to end. " Thanks for the ride Damon."

"No problem." He looked at me kid of nervous like as though he was deciding on whether he should say something or not. 

"Just spit whatever it is out Damon." I said smiling.

"Well I was wondering......"


"If you'd...."

"Damon!" I yelled

"What?" He looked at me with wide eyes. I just just shook my head laughing at him.

:" Stop stalling and ask."

He took in a deep breathe."I was wondering if you'd hang out with me today since I'm new and your the only person I know." He said it so fast it was like one word it took me a minute to realize what he said.

"Of course Damon." He looked relieved so I turned around and started walking. I noticed he wasn't following so I turned around." Well are you coming or not?" He ran to catch up and had his cute smirk on again

It wasn't long before we reached the bleachers in the back of the school.

"Wow Katie I know I'm hot but if you wanted to make out we could of done it in the car." My mouth dropped open and I stared at him. "I was teasing Katie but if you really want to..."


"You know you want to." He smirked.

"No Damon." He just smiled and shook his head at me.

"Well if you change your mind let me know." I was about to make a snide remark when I was cut off.

"She said no and she wouldn't change her mind for you." Marcus said coming around the bleachers. I stood up and went to hug him but he but his hand up stopping me. "Who is this Katie?"

"Damon" He gave me a disbelieving look then glared at Damon.

Damon came up behind me. "Is this your boyfriend Katie?" He said smirking.

"Nope this is my best friend Marcus." The boys just sat there and stared at reach other. I had no idea what was going on so I just stood there waiting for one of them to speak. Luckily I didn't have to wait long for Damon to speak up.

"Well class should be starting soon..... Katie hopefully I'll see you soon.If not I'll meet you at my car for that ride."

"Ok. Do you need help finding the office?"

"No I got it." And with that he left me alone with Marcus.

"How could you bring him here Katie?"

"He's new Marcus what was I appose to do and I don't see the problem."

"This is our spot Jessica wasn't even aloud to come here what made you think a stranger would be ok with me."

"Marcus I don't see why this is such a big deal." He sighed.

"Just forget it." He took off in the same direction Damon did leaving me there alone and confused.


It was lunch now and I sat down at my normal table waiting for my friends. I wonder if Damon will join us. I wonder if Marcus will let him. I was thinking about this morning and that weird dream I had last night when someone poured water on my head. I jumped up furious and ready to hit whoever did it but stopped when I saw who it was.

"It sucks being dumped on doesn't it Katie?" My ex sneered. I just stared at him not knowing what to say thankfully yet again I didn't have to.

"What the hell are you doing to her?!" Both Kyle and me shot our heads up to see a storming Damon heading our way.

"Dude this is your first day and your already hooked on this stupid slut." Damon walked up and jumped at the guy. Someone in the background screamed fight. I didn't know what to do so I just sat there watching Damon send blow after blow to Kyles face. Some time during this Marcus walked up.

"I might of misjudge this guy." I looked up at him sure that he has lost his mind. ":What Kyle do this time Katie?" I just pointed at my hair and he nodded. After awhile some teachers come in and tried to pull them apart with no success. Damon obviously knew what he was doing cause they couldn't get him to stop until he was done. Then he got up dusted his knees off and walked towards the school building leaving everyone gawking at him.


The rest of school had been uneventful. I was in a rush to see how much trouble Damon was in but when I reached the parking lot he wasn't there and neither was his car. It took me half an hour to get home. The house was strangely empty so I called Jessica while I cleaned.


"Hey Jess"

"Oh hey Katie." I smiled. I don't know why but she's always been worried one of these days my mom will call her.

"So how you doing?" I heard her scoff and frowned

"Me? Really your asking me? You are the one who had Kyle cheat on you then him dump water on your head. Then some super hot guy attack Kyle for you and no one even knows where he came from." At that I told her everything I knew about Damon. "OMG Katie it's like he is your very own guardian angel! He is better then Marcus! Maybe you should meet him to your parents so he can do what he did...."

"Wow there Jess. Calm down I barely know him and I might not see him for awhile now cause of what happened."

"Well if he doesn't then we will have to find him after work tomorrow." I nodded until I realized she couldn't see it then replied with an ok. After that we talked about meaningless stuff before my parents came home and I had to head up stairs so I can wake up early in the morning."

 (picture of damon)

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