Chapter 6

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I was getting out of the car when I heard Marcus getting out to. I looked up at him in confusion.

"Katie do you mind if we talk?" I shook my head no." Ok I'll wait in your room ok?"

"Sure." I turned around waved at Damon."Bye Damon."

"Bye Katie." He took off right after that and Marcus headed in front of me towards the house.

"Wait Marcus!"


"How come you don't know what I am?"

"Your not eighteen so you haven't come into your magic. On your eighteenth birthday I'll pick you up and we'll hang out ok?"

"Ok. Thanks Marcus." And with that I went into my house.

"Where the hell have you been you slutty girl?"

"Sorry mom I got stopped by an officer."

"Why did he stop you?" She looked at me skeptically.

"SHE is new apparently and saw the mark dad left and asked me what happened."

"What did you tell her?" She was now alarmed.

"That I wasn't paying attention and got a baseball to the face by some guy."

"You lying sack of whore!" She slapped me hard and from the sting of it her claws got me.

"Yes Mame."

"Go make dinner then off to your room!"

"Am I aloud to eat tonight Mame?"

"Only if there's extra."

"Thank you Mame." She nodded then left to her room. Dad was in the living room watching sports. "Hello father" He grunted telling me I've been noticed and to move on." Going to the kitchen I made steak, potatoes, and green beans. I pour them some red wine and walked into the dining room. "Here you go." I waited til mom dismissed me then went back and did the dishes and finished my chores. I then packed up the food and brought it up stairs with me.

My room was dark and it took me a minute to find the half naked man. I walked up to him and sat down   on the bed next to him and handed him a fork and half of my food. 

"God Katie!" He moaned." You should cook for me more often. I just smiled my appreciation. He then looked at me and touched my cheek where mom slapped me and came back with blood. His growl was echoed through the room. "I'm sorry I never pushed you to tell me the truth Katie. I feel horrible that after all the years I've known you I teased you thinking you were just clumsy to find out that my best friend really has been getting abused."

"It's ok Marcus. You shouldn't blame yourself I'm the one who didn't tell you the truth."

"Your an amazing person Katie and I don't know why anyone would hurt you."

"Cause I'm worthless." I whispered but he heard it and yanked my chin forcing me to look into his deep blue eyes.

"Katie you are not worthless." I tried to pull my chin out but hewouldn't let me and we just stared at each other like that for a long time. "Katie I... I need to tell you something."


"Katie I think I love you."


"Shh I know it's ok you don't have to say it but I needed to." I did my best to nod but couldn't. "I also need to do this....." Before I could respond his lips were on mine and it felt indescribable. I don't know if it was just the day I was having or what but my head and stomach were going threw loops. when he broke away I found I wanted more and I could still feel the kiss on my lips. He smiled and stood up. "Oh and happy Birthday Katie." I gave him a confused look then I remembered what day it was and looked at the clock. It was midnight meaning I'm officially eighteen.

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