After Marcus got dress there was a lot of arguing.

"So what are we doing with Damon?" Jake asked.

"I say gut that traitor alive."The girl whose name I learned was Andrea said.

"You can't do that we need to get info out of him" Marcus argued. After ten minutes of this Demetri was at his wits end.

"Shut up the three of you!" I stiffed by the sound of his voice.

"Yes Commander." Jake and Andrea mumbled.

"Let Katie decide after all he did try to kill her." Everyone looked at me waiting as I wiggled from discomfort. Demetri smiled at my and nudged me with his elbow. I finally found my voice.

"There isn't a point trying to find information out from him."

"Why is that Katie?"

"He'd never speak and we can't trust anything he says. It'd be a waste of our time."I looked up at him as I said this avoiding the others.

"Then what shall we do."

"Well he probably ran off since he isn't here yet so we find him and give him the choice of maximum imprisonment or death."

"That's pretty lenient considering he tried to kill you but it is your choice, Katie, so that's what we will do." He looked towards Andrea and nodded and she left. "Now to discuss his replacement." Marcus glared at him.

"Why does he need to be replaced?" Marcus practically growled.

"Someone needs to protect her."

"I can protect her."

"Didn't do so great this time wolf." Jake scoffed. Marcus was on him in a flash holding him by his throat.

"Marcus please drop him. They are right from the sounds of things it's not just Damon we have to worry about" He nodded and listened to me. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him hoping it'd calm him down."Go ahead Demetri."

"Now as I was saying..." I pointed a glare at the boys." She needs a replacement and if you would allow me I'd be honored if you'll except me. since I obviously can't trust anyone else." Marcus leaned down to my ear so no one else could hear him.

"It's up to you Katie. I'm fine with it if you trust him." I looked up at Demetri and nodded my head.

"Wait! Can I come to?" Jake exclaimed surprising me.

"You shot me!" Marcus yelled but it just caused Jake to smirk.

"So you know know I'm good at my job." Marcus looked flabbergasted and I couldn't stop the laugh coming out.

"Fine." Marcus grumbled. I kissed his cheek finding this all so hilarious.


They had packed up and said their good byes. Jake took Damon's room and Demetri took up the guest bedroom down stairs. I was instructed to leave my bedroom door open for now on unless I was changing. While the boys searched the house to make sure Damon didn't leave any surprises I was cooking.

"What in the world are you doing to the pasta?" I looked up at Jake and glared. Then I continued putting them in lemon juice and sugar. "I'll make my own food Katie."

"Fine by me but don't ask me to cook for you later."

"No problem."He said causing me to huff. Thankfully Marcus came in. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to kiss me but I pushed him away. "Does she cook for you often?"

"Yea my cooking isn't good enough for her apparently." I smiled at that.

"Dude I feel sorry for you then." Marcus gave him a puzzled look."I don't know how you stomach it." Jake clarified. Marcus laughed.

"Out both of you! Your driving me crazy!" I yelled they left chuckling. Half an hour later we were eating my lime chicken with my lemon noodles and by we I mean everyone but Jake.

"Jake why aren't you eating Katie's food?" Demetri questioned.

"It's horrible."

"You obviously haven't tried it." Jake shook his head and I smiled when he let Jake try. Jake's eyes widened then closed then he moaned. He went to take another bite but Demetri smacked his hand. Jake then looked up at me hopeful and I shook my head no.

"Please Katie."

"No you insulted my cooking so you don't get any." He grumbled and started eating his pizza causing all of us to laugh. When we were done I went to do the dishes but Demetri took them from me and shooed me away. Not knowing what to do with myself I went to my room and got ready for bed. It wasn't long til I heard a knock on my door. Pulling my shirt down I walked over and opened the door to see a blonde boy standing in the doorway.

"Hey Katie." I motioned him in.

"What are you up to Marcus?" He started fidgeting

"I was wondering ....."


"If I could sleep in here tonight?" I nodded smiling.

"Of course you can Marcus." He smiled and walked up to me. He pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead. "Marcus..."


"I need to tell you something." He pulled back in alarm and looked at me with concern on his face.

"You can tell me anything Katie."

"Marcus I... I love you." And just like that there was no space between us. His lips were on mine and yet again I had that flying falling feeling. He growled against my lips and as I trailed my hands down his chest. I stopped at the bottom of his shirt and taking my cue he pulled it off. He went to pull my shirt off but I shook my head causing him to pull back. I laughed at his expression of confusion and hunger and closed the door then he understood why I stopped him. I walked back to him and he grabbed my shirt again and pulled it over my head. He picked me back up and threw me on the bed. When he got there his pants were already off causing me to moan at the sight of him. He yanked my pants off and then I pulled him down to me. Before our lips met he said something that made me lose the last of my control.

" I love you to Katie." And I believed him. So that is how I lost my virginity.

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