When we got home I got changed in a tank top and sweat pants then went to Damon's room. Damon was still asleep so I pulled a chair next to him and decided I'd wait for him tomorrow. The door creaked open and figured Marcus would either sit down or leave.

I laid my head on Damon's bed when I got a bad chill run down my arms. I picked up my head to see if Marcus felt it to but it wasn't Marcus who was walking to me. I went to scream and their hand clamped down over my mouth. Everything blurred and some one scooped me up. I could feel everything around me rushing by but I couldn't tell you where they were taking.

"Shh... Girl you are safe for now..." That was the last thing before I passed out.


Marcus's POV

I had the best dream last night of Katie. That girl is driving me crazy. She doesn't seem to know just how great she is. I saw her walking to Damon's room last night so she probably be in there all day. Well I guess I'll see if she wants anything. I opened the door and that's when I smelt it. Someone was here last night. 

"Katie!" I took off running towards Damon's room to see him up. "Damon have you seen Katie?"

"No I just got up half an hour ago I figured she'd be asleep."

"She was here last night there's no way she'd let you wake up alone." I went in her room it was also empty.

"Marcus! Calm down and listen." I did."Do you hear her?" All I could hear were our beating heart beats and rapid breathing. She wasn't here. As this dawned on my I slid to the floor and let a howl erupt from my mouth. I don't know how long I was but when I looked up Damon was sitting next to me mumbling that we'd find her. I only knew one thing we have to find her fate wouldn't be so cruel to give her to me to take her away so soon and I have to believe that.


Katie POV

I slowly came back to consciousness but keeping my eyes closed I listened. When I was sure the room was empty I sat up and looked around. I was on a small twin bed. everything was white and there was only a metal chair in the room. My hands were bond and I was glowing brighter by the second. I was slowly coming up with a plan when the door burst open. Ryan was standing in the doorway. 

"Hello my dear." Yet again I got the sense he was older then he looked.

"Ryan? Whats going on?" 

"Well dear we've read the prophecies."

"Wha... What prophecies?"

"Your prophecies." He paused for a moment letting that sink in before continuing. "And we can't let you full fill them."

"I don't know what your talking about Ryan."

"I know child and that's the saddest part." He walked up to me and stroked the side of my face. He laughed when he saw me inching away.He trailed his hand down my arm. " Your such a pretty thing. To bad we have to kill you"

"We? Whose we?"

"We are the rebellion against the Elders.'

"Then why kill me?" Ryan seemed crazier by the second.

"Cause darling you could be the key to us losing but then you could be what helps us win..... to bad we can't take those chances." He pulled a knife out of his coat and my glow flared brighter then it has before. He had a brief flash of fear then smirked and stabbed me in my stomach twisting the knife. I screamed in agony and after a minute his screams joined mine.

Soon he stopped twisting and I opened my eyes to see he wasn't there the knife was laying on the bed. I bent down picking it up with my mouth and cut my bounds. That's when I noticed I wasn't in pain anymore, checking where my wound should of been I saw my flawless skin. 

I grabbed the knife and stepped off the bed to hear and feel something snap under my feet. Slowly looking down I saw a pile of bones in Ryan's clothes. I had to put my hand in my mouth to muffle my screams. I bent down and searched him for keys. I was about to leave him when I saw his phone. I scrawled through his contacts looking for anyone I recognized to see Damon. Praying that he was up I called.

"Hey Ryan. You finish the job?" I didn't answer."Ryan I don't have long is she dead yet or not?"  I hung up. Damon.... Damon was helping them kill me. I scrolled down some more to find Marcus. Hestiatantly I called.

"Hello?" I didn't answer."Who is this?"Still didn't answer I have to be sure he isn't with them."I hear you breathing. I don't know who this is but when your ready to talk call me back."




"Sorry then who is this?"

"Um... Re.... Rebbecca."

"Ok Rebbecca do I know you?"

"Yes. Marcus are you alone. Where Damon can't hear you."

"Uh... yea can we make this quick." He sounded like he was losing patients with me.

"Ok Marcus it's Katie. Listen I'm stuck in a room and I don't know where I'm at. Damon is with them we can't trust him you need to ditch him before he realizes we know." I said this as fast as I could so he couldn't interrupt me.

"How do you know?"

"I called him and he thought I was Ryan and pretty much told me."

"Ok I'll call you as soon as I lose him."




"Be safe."

"You to." I hung up after that and started down the hall pausing at at every door listening for anything to tell me there was a way out. If there were people in there I skipped it if it sounded empty I opened the door. Every room was the same. Plain walls no windows one door. After about ten minutes Marcus called back. I waited for a minute making sure know one would hear me. "Hello?"

"Hey Katie."

"You get rid of him?"

"Yea. You find out anything I could use?"


"Well stay on I'm tracking Ryan's smell now."

"Why Ryan's?"

"Lost yours as soon as you were out the house I picked his up ten minutes away down the road."

"Oh." I walked in to the next room and grinned." Hold on found something." I walked up to the opposite wall and looked at the map. It had all kinds of arrows and circles. There were three X's.on various places and a star over the cemetery with the words Base over it."I think I at the old Winchell's Cemetery but I don't know where."

"Ok I'll be there when I can. See you soon Katie." He hung up before I could say bye I stuffed the phone in my pocket when the door opened. I froze at the sight of the real broad older man.

"What the hell are you doing here?" His voice boomed. 

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