I couldn't take it anymore. Just one night. I just need one night with out someone hoovering over me. My phone has been going off like crazy but it's Marcus probably worried about me. I took off in the forest not knowing where I was going. Run, something told me to escape and I listened. There was a howl in the distance. He must be following me. I can't deal with him either right now he treats me like I'll die any second now and I know he just cares but if he babies me one more time I' going to kill some one.

I was thinking so intensely I didn't notice when I ran into something.

"Whoa there. Are you ok?" I looked up into emerald eyes. She had dark red spiky hair that was shoulder length. One look at her and I thought she must be related to Alice in Twilight. "Hello are you ok? Who are you running from?"

"I... I don't know."

"Well whoever it is won't get you now. My name is Ashley." 

"I'm Katie."

"Nice to meet you Katie. Your were lucky to run into me I'm a warrior."

"A warrior for what?"

"The blessed but I got sick of my charge so I thought I'd go into hiding."

"And they just let you run."

"No but something tells me I can trust you." I nodded.

"Your secrets safe with me Ashley."

"So what are you?" She asked unsure.

"What do you mean?"

"Your not human obviously cause your glowing so what are you?"

"I don't know."

"Well I'm a vampire but don't worry I don't drink from people and no I don't sparkle." 

"Like Alice." I didn't realize I said that out loud til she laughed.

"Oh so you do recognize me and here I was hoping." I stared at her in shock. "So you going to tell me why your running?"

"Basically the opposite reason I got sick of the people trying to protect me." This caused her to laugh. The rest of the night we stayed up talking like that I couldn't believe I was really talking to Ashley Greene. 

"So Ashley where are you staying?"

"No where really why?"

"You could stay with us until your ready to move on. We have a guest room."

"That'd be nice." We started walking to the house when another howl broke out this time much closer. She grabbed me and put me behind her. "Katie get on my back now." I jumped up and she ran. everything zipped by us. when we got out of the forest she'd stop every once awhile so I could point her in the right direction. When we got to the house it was destroyed . Before she could stop me I ran inside it was empty. broken glass everywhere flipped and torn furniture.

I ran up stairs to my room standing on my bed I hit the ceiling so a portion fell down. I reached in the hole and grabbed my emergency pack that we made awhile back and grabbed Marcus's. i ran back and  grabed Ashley's hand and dragged her to the garage. I grabbed my key and we drove off. Handing her my phone I demanded. " Read these while I drive."

"Jake : Where the hell did you go Marcus is losing it. Demetri: I understand why you left please come back Katie. Marcus: Baby I love you I'm sorry how I've been acting. Marcus : Don't ignore me please love. Jake : Don't come home." I frowned at the last one. " Marcus: Katie Damon brought wolves we are trying to get out. Marcus: House is being searched we are on roof. Marcus: We escaped please don't go home. Marcus: Katie please answer we are worried about you. Marcus: Baby please call Demetri. Demetri : Katie we are your first date." At that I swung the car around and headed towards the cliff." Jessica : Katie you haven't talked to me forever you better come find me at school on Monday or I guess we aren't friends." That caused me to laugh bitterly."This is the last one. Damon: I'll find you Katie and I'll make you mine when I do." My eyes widen in fear and there were no words after that for which I was graceful for.

Pulling up I saw my boys Demetri pointed a gun at me. Jake's arms lit up on fire while Marcus just stood there he said something to them that made them relax but not put away their weapons. Demetri just shifted his gun to Ashley. She straightened while I got out of the car. No one moved so I bent down. " Come on Ashley they won't hurt you." Everyone stared at me like I lost my mind so I went around the car and grabbed the cold rock of a girl and pulled her out.

Putting her behind me I walked forward. " Boys this is Ashley I met her in the forest when I took off." They finally put their weapons away.

"About time!" Demetri boomed causing me to jump.

"Wait this is her?" Ashley stared at me like she was going to faint.

I turned towards her. "What's going on?"

"I lied to you for your own safety cause I didn't know it was you. I was sent here to be your personal guard by The Elders"

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