There was no fog or rain. No voice or light that I had to follow. I was already in the field surrounded by animals. A raven flew and landed in front of me and transformed into Freya. I curtsied and she returned the favor. 

"My daughter I have brought you here to night for an explanation that none can give you." I tilted my head in curiosity. " You are the first and only of your kind a direct line to me. You can shift to your will. Cast spells that you learn. Any power you wish to wield can be yours but your main is of a nature fairy in a way. If you are endanger you can wield any element. You can control any type of animal if you desire but be warned you must learn your gifts you do not just receive them like others." I nodded my understanding. " Now Damon will tell you that will be the strongest you'll ever be that my daughter is not true that is just the beginning of your strength. You must tell him this for out of everything you do the most important is being my daughter."

" Freya?"

"Yes my child?"

"Why have you bestowed your kiss to me?"

"You are my only true daughter and are destined for great thing but I can not speak to you of that yet only time will tell you, but do not fear I will guide you my daughter. It is time for you to awaken now my child Marcus is out of your spell and is fearful that you are angered with him." And just like all the other times I fell.


I woke up but this time I wasn't in a cold sweat even though I did feel warm but that might of been from Damon practically suffocating me in my sleep. I turned towards Marcus to notice he wasn't there so I slowly untangled myself from Damon.


"In the kitchen?" I quietly walked towards him to find him with a cup in his hand. His hair was slightly messy in a cute way and he was only in Damon's sweats. "Look Katie I remember what happened and I'm sorry for molesting you." He was blushing which some how made him cuter.

"You weren't in control Marcus if anything I should be sorry."

"Well if it makes you feel better I'm completely happy about the whole bathroom thing even if I wasn't in control." He smiled and it was my turn to blush. I walked up to him and punched his shoulder.

"Well your never seeing me naked again so I hope you remember cause your not getting another chance."

" Oh I do." I blushed even harder

"Marcus! Quit those sexual thoughts before I beat them out of you!" Damon's voice came from down the hall causing us to laugh.

"So Katie since Damon ate my burger....." He smiled hopeful.

"Fine I'll make breakfast if it's ok with Damon."

"Sure whatever. Just let me sleep." We laughed some more.

"Someone isn't a morning person."Marcus laughed. 

So I walked to his fridge and started cooking.


Half an hour later I was laughing at the moaning boys.

"Katie if your done I'll eat it." Marcus said I was about to push my plate towards him when Damon spoke up.

"Who said you can have her food I bought it"

"I asked first"


"So I got dibs"

"Dibbs is for children"

"No dibs is for everyone" This caused me to laugh and that's when they decided to bring me into it "Katie... Please can I have your food" Marcus said with my kryptonite. His puppy dog face.

"Well...." I looked at my plate then up at him.

"Katie! Don't buy into that!" Damon demanded.

"Don't yell at her!"

" I can if I want." I was getting sick of this so it was time to bring out my weapon.

"I... I don't want you to fight." I started to tear up. They both looked at me shocked. Marcus got up and put his arm around me.

"Katie it's ok. We aren't fighting." I looked up to see Damon's smirk he obviously knew I was faking.

"You were yelling at each other Marcus." I started to cry harder. He awkwardly hugged me.

"Katie look Damon can have your food just stop crying please?" I nodded and Damon inhaled my food then I smiled and kissed Marcus on his cheek.

"Thanks Marcus." I said all happy. It took him a minute to realize what happened.

"Hey! You tricked me!"

"I forgot he reads minds" He just looked shocked for a minute then went sad. I started to feel bad.

"You owe me Katie and not just a kiss on the cheek." He said slyly. I looked up in confusion to see Damon looking angry. So I looked at him hoping he'd answer me. Sighing he thankfully did.

"He wants something like what happened last night in the bathroom which I didn't know about til now." I looked at Marcus in shock got up and ran."Ohh Marcus if you want to still do that you got some convincing to do." Damon laughed. I locked Damons bedroom up when I heard foot steps coming.

"Katie? I didn't really expect you to do that." Marcus's voice came through the door. "It was just a thought that went through my head." He tried opening the door."Katie please open up." I heard him start pacing and Damon laughing in the background. "Katie you no I didn't mean it I was teasing.Plese open up." I sighed and opened the door. Marcus looked relieved til I turned around and started putting my stuff away. "Why are you packing Katie?"

"Cause unfortuantely I can't stay here forever with you guys."

"Sure you can Katie!" Damon called "Just keep cooking and you can stay as long as you'd like I'll even turn my extra room into your room if you'd like."

"What about my parents?"

"Screw them." I looked up at Marcus watching as thoughts passed across his face.

"No!" He finally said.

"What?!" Both mine and Damons voice rang

"I said no, I have a better idea."I walked out with my packed bag and me and Damon just stared at him waiting. Marcus grabbed our hands and Damons keys and we left.


Ten minutes later we were at a two story house. It was plain nd looked like no one has lived in it for along time.Marcus turned towards me to explain.

"Remember when I told you I didn't know anything about my parents?" I nodded not knowing where this was going." I lied. They wrote me a letter telling me everything I needed to no about who I am and they left me this house and alot of money. So what if we make this our home, mine, yours and Damons? It has charms so Damon can't read our mind unless we allow him and it's sturdy so nothing can knock it down theres a secert escape route and pretty much anything a bunch of supernaturals would need." He said this with so much hope it was hard not to smile.

"Why don't you live here now then?" Damon asked

"I didn't feel right leaving the orphanage until I had to. I feel like it's time. What do you say Damon?"

"I'm in if Katie is." They both looked at me.

"Why not some one has to cook for you. I know Marcus can't." That caused Marcus to scowl at me and Damon to laugh.

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