I was sitting on the curb staring up at the sky when I heard someone whistle. I looked up to see a group of boys walking toward me with these weird cocky looks on there faces. I gave them a puzzled look and they just smiled at me. All the boys had brown hair except one whose hair was red. They were pretty well built and looked to be sixteen. They stopped right in front of me so I looked up and smiled at them. "Can I help you boys?"

The red headed boy laughed but it was one of the three brown haired boys who answered. Up close I noticed he had blue eyes and the others had brown and green." Girly you can help us with what ever you like?" I didn't understand and he obviously noticed I didn't." Let us show you what I mean." And before I could react he was on top of me. He went to reach his had up my yellow skirt but I pushed him away. That seemed to anger him. "Boys hold her down" I got up to run but the red head blocked me and the other two pinned me down. 

"Please don't do this" I begged.

"Aww sweety you'll enjoy it." He bent over me again and slowly trailed his hand up my leg. I shivered in disgust but he obviously took it as something else since he smirked and trailed up faster. He started to push my skirt up and I started to beg for him to stop but know matter how hard I fought or begged he wouldn't. He was reaching for my black underwear when he got thrown across the parking lot.

Looking around I did't see how but I was thankful anyways. Taking advantage of the shocked teenagers I used my elbows to swing my legs over and knocked the other down freeing my other arm. Then I kicked him in his "areas" temporarily keeping him down. I turned around to notice my other arm free and the two around me knocked out. I went to run but someone grabbed me around my waist and I screamed. Whoever it was put there hand over my mouth and I notice they smelt like cinnamon which started to calm me down.

"Shh Katie it's only me." I noticed that voice it belonged to Marcus. When he was sure I wasn't going to scream he let me going and I turned around and cried in his arms. I must of been crying for awhile cause Damon came up to us.

"Marcus what happened? Why's Katie crying?"

"I don't really know I came by to see if she wanted me to walk her home and I noticed a group of guys hovering over someone.When I got closer I noticed it was Katie being held down crying." That's when I finally found my voice.

"Marcus they were going to rape me." I remembered the boy pushing my skirt up so I took a step back and made sure nothing was showing when I heard a growl. I looked at Marcus and saw him shaking like crazy. "Marcus thanks for saving me." That seemed to help cause he stopped shaking and looked at me with concern.

"Well it did'nt really look like you needed much saving after I got that first guy off of you." I smiled and hugged him.

"Well I'd love to walk with you but me and Damon were appose to talk about stuff." 

"What stuff?" He looked up at Damon.

"Yes that stuff Marcus." I stepped back to listen to the boys talk.

"Damon she's only seventeen she wouldn't understand yet."

"She is already having them I don't see why to wait another couple days to tell her."

"They told you to wait Damon so you should wait. They must have their reasons to not tell her yet."

"Screw their reasons it's only right to tell her before something bad happens." Marcus sighed at this.

"I know your right and I want to tell her to but what if she denies it that can make things worse." Being confused as hell I decided to ask the question that has been on my mind through this whole thing.

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