Chapter 27

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"I think that's a great idea Katie!" Ashley exclaimed excitedly.

" I don't know...." Jake said.

" Come on Jakey don't be a party pooper."  She had tears in her eyes.

"Please don't do that Ashley."

"Do what?" She sniffed.

"Jake what's the problem anyways?" John asked. Jake sighed in relief for the temporary distraction.

"I just don't like the idea of two girls with a group of men in the forest." 

"Well you'll be there to protect us." I offered. He scoffed.

"Plus dude those men are sworn to protect Katie so you can protect Ashley if you want." John and Jake shared a look but it passed to soon before I could decipher it. There was silence.

"Ok" Jake said finally.

" I have an idea!" Ashley said jumping off her bed on to the now picked up floor. When Ashley walked in  she made the boys pick it up which I was thankful for. She stood up picked up her mattress and put it on the floor.

"Why are you tearing up our room Ash?" John asked.

"Pssh please it was torn up when you walked in here. Anyways, Katie, sweety please get up since these morons won't help a woman." I laughed at John's face and wish I could see Jake's. Before I could move Jake threw his mattress on top of hers. "My hero." She fluttered her eyelashes and faked swooned before rolling her eyes

" Will you enlighten us now?" She nodded

"We are sleeping together." John gave me wide eyes.

"Like.... like ..... an orgy." Now my eyes widened. I hope that is not what she meant.

"Ewww! No! John I wouldn't touch you if you were the only person in here." She then looked at me and winked and I giggled.

"Thank the gods!" He shouted to the ceiling.

"And what is so wrong with her?!" Jake asked angry.

"Nothing man. Absolutely nothing."  He gave Jake a knowing look while Ashley and me shared a seriously confused one.John then hopped down and offered his hand to me."My lady." I took it and jumped. 

"Thanks John." I said with a smile.

" So Jake we splitting the the sexes or putting the girls in the middle?" John spoke without taking his eyes off me. 

"Middle if that's ok with them." Me and Ashley nodded we went to lay down when the door opened. We all turned to see Marcus in the doorway. His smile fell and he started to look uncertain.

"I.... I just came to thank Katie." I frowned but stood up.

" What for?"

" I won all my duels today." I ran up to him and hugged him smiling.

" That's great!" His arms wrapped around me then he dropped them. I frowned up at him but he was't looking at me. 

" Yea well I just wanted to let you know I couldn't of done it if you hadn't stayed with me all those nights making me work I wouldn't of been able to." He kissed my forehead then left but he stopped at the doorway and threw me a smile.  I turned around and sat next to Ashley. She started to take her weapons of and put them in a hands length away I copied her.

"Make sure you keep one of your knives in case they get handsy Katie." I nodded but the boys protested. " I'm on to you John." She glared at him.

" You have no reason to worry about me Ashley." John said causing us all to glare at him. Jake then laid behind Ashley but John just stood there looking awkward. I laughed at him.

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