Number 34

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*You have a boyfriend name Nathan and you have a best friend named Chris who has a girlfriend named Karrueche. You and Chris have been best friends since Pre-K and always hang-out. This is dedicated to @NobodyButAugust and your name is Ariana.

Chris's POV

I stepped out of my White Lamborghini at my best friend Ariana's house. My girlfriend of two years cheated on me and I need help. I also have to tell her that her boyfriend of three years Nathan cheated on her to with my ex girlfriend. I walked up to the door and knocked as tears silently ran down my face.

Ariana's POV

*Knock Knock*

I wonder who would be knocking at my door at 1:30am while I'm trying to sleep. This better be good I though as I opened the door. I saw Chris standing in sweatpants and his black hood up with tears coming down his face.

"Can I come in" he chocked out as he sniffled.

"Yes baby get in here" I said grabbing his arm pulling him to the couch.

He just say there like his life was over. I didn't even know why he was crying but it had to be bad because Chris doesn't cry much.

"Baby boy why are you crying" I said reaching over and grabbing his hands.

"Karrueche cheated on me" he mumbled looking down as a tear dripped down off his cheek onto the couch.

"Aww Chris I'm so sorry" I said giving him a hug as he put his head into my shoulder.

"What there is more" he said into my shoulder.

"What honey?" I asked.

"She cheated on me with Nathan"

"Wait you mean my Nathan?"

"Yes your Nathan" he said as tears form in my eyes.

"Oh my god" I said breaking down into tears.

"It's okay babe" Chris said grabbing my hands and pulling me into a hug.

After five minutes of me sobbing I looked at him.

"Thank you"

"For what?" he asked confused as he wiped my tears with his thumbs.

"Telling me right away and not making me get more hurt"

"Baby that's what I'm here for"

"You know what we should do" I said grinning.


"Throw all Nathan's clothes onto the porch and then write him a not to stick it on the door"

"YASS BITCH YASS" he screamed making me laugh.

"Okay let's go" I said racing up the stairs with Chris at my heels.

We started making a pile of Nathan's shirts then pants then boxers then socks then sneakers and anything else. Chris burned all the shirts he gave me with his lighter and then we put everything on the porch then wrote the note that said.

Nathan I know you cheated on me with Karrueche. Chris came over and told me because he caught you in that Vietnam Bitches Stanky Pussy. So all bullshit aside we are done and here are your things so bye forever

Fuck you,
Ariana and Chris

I laughed as I put the note on the door and then Chris taped it in place and we went upstairs to my room to watch a movie.

"Chris do you need a shower?"

"Yeah I guess cause you probably don't want my stinky ass in your bed" he said making us both crack up.

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