Number 2

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*Your on your way home from work to see your sexy ass husband Chris Brown, yes the singer*

"Hey babe I'm home" you yell from the front door"

"I'm upstairs" you hear Chris yell.

On that note you start walking up the stairs to yours and Chris's room to see Chris laying on the bed talking to his mama with just a white towel wrapped around him. You see the way the water just drips down his chest and it turns you on.

"Damn" you whisper in your mind.

"Like what you see" Chris says catching you off guard not realizing he was watching you and is now off the phone.

"I'm gonna um get a um shower" you stutter and walk into the bathroom.

About 5 minutes after you get into the shower you feel arms wrap around your waist and know it's Chris

"Babe what are you doing" you ask Chris turning around to face him.

"I wanted to be with my beautiful wife y/n" he said kissing your lips to your jawline then to your neck.

"Mmmm babe" you say as he finds your sweet spot.

"You like that babygirl" he ask reaching down and rubbing your clit.

"Yes daddy Mmmm" you say moaning and breathing heavy.

"Come with me" Chris says turning off the shower and picking you up and taking you to the bed

"I'm gonna make you feel amazing babe" Chris whispers in your ear as you sticks two fingers in your slit going at a fast pace. After about five minutes you cum.

"I'm ready Daddy" you say to him breathing hard.

"Okay with or without" he questions you about a condom or not.

"Without I need you now" you say wrapping your legs around his waist.

"Okay babygirl I got you" Chris says sliding into your wet pussy.

"Mmmm yes right there yes Daddy yes" you moan right in his ear.

"You like that babygirl just like this" he says taking long deep strokes making you go crazy.

"Yessss just like that" you say cumming.

"Damn babygirl" Chris says releasing into you and pulling out.

"I love you y/n" Chris says catching his breath.

"I love you too Chris" you say kissing him one last time then drifting off into to sleep with your head resting on Chris's chest.

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