Number 6

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*You and Chris have grown up together since day one. His mom and your mom were best friends since high school and the same with both dads. Keep in mind Chris has a girlfriend named Kelly.*

Your POV

So it's 5:45 and I'm just about to leave my house to go over to Chris's for hamburgers and hot dogs. I'm bringing my parents because his a coming over too. Also I have to bring my puck ass sister YSN too because she is friends with Chris's brother Drew.

YSN: common yn let's go

You: Okay I'm ready

You and your family get in your 2008 Range Rover and head for Chris's house.

--Chris's house--

You: Hey Chrissypoo *as you walk in his house*

Chris: Hey don't call me that*he says hugging you*

Ymn: where is your mother Chris?

Chris: out back I'll show you guys* he says as he takes you though the kitchen and out the door to the patio*

Mama J: Hey everybody *she says getting up and hugs your family*

Chris: yn and ysn come here* Chris says motioning to come to him*

Yn: yes

Chris: do you wanna play manhunt after we eat with Drew?

Yn and ysn: yeah sure

Chris: okay we are gonna have hiding buddies yn your with me ysn your with Drew, you dig.

Yn and ysn: yup

Chris: okay let's go eat

------After Eating-----

Drew: are you guys ready to play * he asks you, your sister, and chris*

Chris, you and your sis: yes

Drew: okay yn and chris go hide first

You&Chris: okay

Chris: Drew take yourself and ysn to the tv room inside.

Drew& your sis: okay

After they are gone you and Chris go and hide under the picnic table near the mini basketball court Chris has in his backyard which is up a hill a little.

Chris: let's just hide here

Yn: fine with me

As you and Chris sit there you guys talk about life.

Chris: I heard about what happened with your ex Alec

Yn: yeah i know he called me fat * you say looking down*

Chris: well yn your not fat so don't listen to that jerk and I can't believe he would say that to his own girlfriend but anyway your not fat.

Yn: okay* you say still looking down*

Chris: here they come

Yn: *look up and see a flash coming you and Chris's way.

Drew: Found y'all

Yn: yup now go hide

Drew: okay come on ysn

Ysn: okay

So you and Chris walk to the house and go into the tv room.

Chris: you know when we were younger I had a crush in you * he said sitting down on the sofa*

Yn: really aww *you say laying down and the couch so the top of your head was barely touching his thigh*

Chris: yeah and it wasn't little

After Chris said that he kept blowing air in your face and got really close to your face. Trust me you like it.

Chris: we should go look for um *gets up*

Yn: yeah I guess *gets up too*

After 5 minutes of looking you and Chris find your sister and Drew and so you go with Chris to hide behind the car.

Chris: so how's life* blows on your ear*

Yn: good I guess *blows in his face*

Chris: that's good I'm tired *blows in your face*

Yn: I know right *blows in his face*

After that Drew comes around the car and shines his flash light at you guys.


Yn: we see *gets up*

Chris: common go hide guys *gets up and follows you*

Yn: let's sit down *you say sitting on the couch*

Chris: yeah * sits down next to you and blows in your face and gets 2 centimeters from your lips*

Yn: *blows back*

Chris: *lays his lips on top of yours the. Starts to move his lips to kiss you*

Yn: *starts to French kiss him*

Chris: *grabs your boob*

Yn:*moans in his mouth*

Chris: *lets go of your boob and reach down through your jean shorts and rubs your clit*

Yn:*moans louder and starts French kissing Chris again.

Chris: *stops rubbing your clit and grabs you boob again*

Yn:*moans a little louder*

Chris: *stops kissing you and starts sucking on your nipple*

Yn: *moans and grabs his hair*

Chris: *lets go of your nipple* we should go look for them.

Yn: okay *looks down*

Chris: it's okay * tilts your head up and helps you off the couch*

Yn: yeah *hugs him while getting up*

Chris: *kisses you one last time then opens the door and grabs your hand so you guys can look for Drew and your sister*

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