Number 3

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*You and Chris are best friends since you were about two-feet tall I mean you guys go way back. You live with Chris in his condo in L.A. Right now you are making breakfast for you and Chris.

Your POV

"Chris wake your ass up right now" you yelled up the stairs to him.

Ten minutes go by and Chris still isn't downstairs to eat so you go storming up the stairs to his room and start yelling and banging on his door.

"Chris you have thirty seconds to come to this fucking door and open it up before I come in there and beat your ass" you yell through the door.


"Okay Chris you asked for it" you come charging in the door and realize that he is naked laying in bed jerking-off with his beats on and eyes closed.

"Oh my fucking god" you scream slamming the door.

Before you left his room you saw that the beats were hooked up to his phone so you call his phone and after three rings Chris answers.

"Hello" Chris said into the phone with unsteady breath.

"I have been calling you downstairs for the past 45 minutes and you didn't come down" you say into the phone still imagining him jerking off his 10 inch cock.

"Oh sorry bae I didn't hear you I had my beats on" he said hanging up the phone.

In two minutes Chris comes down and grabs his pancakes and sits down at the table. You join him and don't realize your staring him down.

"Y/n why are you staring at me" Chris question looking at you weirdly.

"I don't know why do you care" you snap back

"Oh okay then" Chris says going back to eating.

After Chris was done he took his plate and put it in the sink and went into the living room to watch cartoons. I usually don't watch them but I went in anyways. When I got in there Chris was on the phone and sounded like he was about to cry. Then we I walk over to the couch he was really crying so I sat down right next to him rubbing his back.

"Okay mama I gotta go" he said then hung up the phone.

"What's wrong Chris" I questioned but he just looked at me and started to sob.

"Is it your Grandmother" I asked cause she was in the hospital for so long I figured. Chris just looked at me a shook his head yes.

"Is that all" I asked again to see if he planned on me walking into his room or not.

"No" he said wiping his eyes.

"What else" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Earlier in the morning when you were calling me downstairs I heard you the whole time and when you walked in on me naked it was planned" he said looking down.

"Why would you do that" I questioned trying to acted shocked.

"Because I have feelings for you and I don't know I just did it" he said looking into my eyes.

"Awe Chris I have feeling for you too" I said kissing him on the check.

"Does that mean you wanna see my dick again" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe or maybe not" I said getting up and running.

I knew Chris was fast tree than me so he caught me pretty fast. I turned and looked at him and then I kissed his lips softly.

"I want you to see me naked" I said biting his lower lip.

"Okay let's do it" he said picking my up and dropping me on my bed.

"Do you wanna do it" I asked looking at him with lust.

"Yes" he said kissing my rubbing my thigh.

Chris first took of my oversized black hooters t-shirt then my panties and my bra. When he was done all he did was stare at me.

"You have one hell of a body y/n" he said reaching over and rubbing my core.

"Mmmm babe" I moaned.

"You like that" he said looking at me with lust.

"How about you take off your close" I said kissing his neck.

"Nah I'm good" he said getting up leaving me there naked.

"You fucking asshole bitch ass nigga" I screamed.

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