Number 7

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* You and Chris are going to the beach with mijo and his girlfriend Amber*

Your POV

Chris: babe you ready

Yn: yeah be right down

Chris: we are gonna be late then Mijo will be up my ass like always

Yn: you grew up with him I think your use to it sweetie *you say walking down the stairs in a sexy red bikini*

Chris: damn babe you look sexy ass fuck

Yn: damn don't slobber on my floor *you say walking into the kitchen laughing at yourself*

Chris: very funny but I'm hungry

Yn: oh really then make something

Chris: I'm hungry for you bae *He says wrapping his arms around you*

Yn: no not now we are going to the beach

Chris: but babe *he says picking you up*

Yn: no buts

Chris: look what you do to me *he says pointing down at his rock hard dick*

Yn: aww I'm sorry does it hurt. *You poke out your lip*

Chris: yes mama it does *he says kissing you*

That makes you instantly wrap your arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. Then you feel Chris place his hands on your ass and pick you up and takes you upstairs and throws you on the bed. Chris then takes his muscle shirt off and swimming suit to be completely naked. Damn CJ was really hard and his abs were sexy and hard to.

Chris: babe you like the view

Yn: y-y-yeah I do

After Chris grinned at you he starts taking off your bikini top and let's it slide right down so he can look at your boobs. After a few minutes of starring at your sexy boobs he starts to pull your bikini bottom down and throws them a cross the room. You look at Chris and his eyes are full of pure lust to you.

Yn: I need you now

Chris: okay ma let me get a rubber-

Yn: no don't worry about that

Chris: you sure cause-

Yn: yes I'm positive

Chris: alright then

Chris then takes his rock hard 11in cock and just barely sticks the tip in.

Yn: Daddy stop teasing me I'm too horny.

Chris: you asked for it

Right then you were filled with complete pleasure moaning Chris's name over and over. You were a scratching Chris's back and saying naughty thinks in his ear as he left a trail of hickeys down your neck.

Yn: I'm gonna cum baby

Chris: yes babe cum for daddy

Then your eyes roll back in your head and let your juices flow all over Chris's shaft.

Chris: damn babe

Yn: now we hav-

Mijo: yo common sex addicts let's go

Chris: watch your mouth and common yn let's go

Yn: okay

You try to get up but fall right back down. after a little laugh from Chris he realizes you really can't get up.

Chris: I got you babe I love you so much

Yn: love you too

Chris: now let's go to the fucking beach

Woohoo you all yell and get into the car to go to the beach and have fun the whole day.

(A/N I bolded the word to kinda make it better but I don't know so well will see)



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