Number 51

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*Tonight is yours and Chris's special night but first you have to drop your daughter of Dacotah or Ali her nickname. This is dedicated to @kiki_thebrat and your name is Kiki.

Kiki POV

"Let's go I yelled to Ali.

I'm telling you that little girl is just like her daddy style matters more than the right time.

"Mama?" Ali yelled in search of me.


"Do I match?"

"Sure" I said sarcastically looking at her plaid shirt and that's brown and pink with a green shirt.

"Cool" she said going into watch tv with Chris.

"Chris common we're ready" I said coming up behind and him kissing his cheek.

"Gross" Ali said making a disgusted face and walk to the garage door.

Chris turn to get up but grabbed me and pull me over the couch and laid my down on my back.

"Baby I want you" I whined rubbing his chest with my hand.

"I know I mean who does want this" he said smiling like a idiot.

"Well with that smile nobody" I said laughing as he pouted.

"None for you missy" he said getting up and walking away.

"But baby" I whined and after he didn't come back I realized I had to get up.

We got to Mama J's house finally and we went inside.

"Grandma!" Ali yelled as she ran into Joyce's arms.

"Hey baby" she said hugging her then Chris and then me

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