Number 4

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*You have just found out that your pregnant and you don't know when to tell Chris. So when he gets home from the studio and at dinner you will tell him.*

Your POV

"Hey baby I'm home" Chris yelled through the house.

"Big head I'm in the kitchen" you yell to him.

"Why do you call me big head" he ask with puppy dog eyes.

"Aww baby cause sorry to break it to you but you have a huge head" you said laughing at yourself.

"So your talking about my head" he said pointing to his dick.

"Oh my god no Chris not that head your head that has your eyes, nose, ears, and hair connected too" you say scrunching up your face.

"I know babe it was a joke" Chris says kissing the back of your neck.

"Babe stop before we don't eat" you say shooing him off you.

"Yeah you may not eat but I will" Chris says winking at you.

"Your nasty" you yell

"I'm gonna go change I'll be right down" Chris said running up the stairs.

About five minutes later you know Chris is gone so you start talking to the baby.

"Daddy is really silly isn't he" you cooed as you walk back to the stove.

"I hope you don't have his huge head because it's gonna hurt you mama or me" you coo again and when you turn you see Chris in the doorway with his mouth open.

"Babe what are you talking about" Chris asked walking over to you.

"Um funny you heard me..... Chris I gotta tell you something" you say trailing off.

"Let me guess your pregnant" Chris says looking pissed off.

"Yeah why" you ask a little concerned.

"Well your on birth control I thought cause you didn't want a kid" he said turning to look at you in the eyes.

"Well I stopped taking it two months ago..... gco"

"Thanks for telling me" Chris said walking off upstairs probably to your room.

You decide to eat your dinner and talk to the baby.

"Why do you think daddy is mad" you ask the baby rubbing your stomach.

After your done eating you washed the dishes and went upstairs. You walked into yours and Chris's room. You see a shirtless Chris laying stomach up starring at the ceiling blankly.

"Chris" you ask.


"Chris please talk to me" you beg.


"Why are you mad" you ask sitting on the bed.

"You didn't fucking tell me you wanted a baby and you act like nothing is wrong" Chris says still looking at the ceiling.

"Look I'm sorry okay I didn't know you wanted a baby" gco.

"Bullshit y/n you knew I wanted a baby that's why you went on birth control and you know it" he yelled not looking at you.

"I know I know I'm sorry" you say begging.

"I'm sleeping in the other room" he says getting up.

"Okay" you mumble.

You get up to get a shower and come out and lay on the bed.

"Daddy will be back by 12 tonight" you say rubbing your stomach.

It's 12am and Chris isn't back so you go over to the room. You walk in and Chris is face down on the bed and sobbing.

"Chris what's wrong" you ask.

"Just leave me the fuck alone" he says.

"Why babe" you ask again.

"My Grandfather is dead and you lied to me" he said sobbing more.

"I'm sorry about what I did and your Grandfather Chris" you say sitting on the bed.

"I'm tired and upset and now you want me to be not mad at you" he ask confused.

"You will be a great father don't worry about it and I should've told you I just didn't know how to." you say crying.

"Don't cry y/n shhh you need to care for the baby because Kid Ink just called me and said it was his and you know
it" Chris says walking away.

Sorry guys I didn't know how to end it but oh well.

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