Number 17

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*You and Chris have a little girl that is a year old named Ronnie. Sadly Chris had a tour for the USA Army and hasn't ever seen Ronnie yet. Today Chris is coming home from Afghanistan.

Your POV

Today my little solider is coming home in about a week and I have been so excited. Ronnie started crying so I went up to her room.

"What's wrong my little baby?" I cooed


"You ready to see daddy soon?"


"Your silly let's get some food for my baby"

Chris's POV

"Attention your flight will be landing in Los Anglos in about 2 minutes so buckle your seat beats and prepare to land" the flight attendant said.

I was sitting next my best friend Mijo since me and him are both in the Army and also together. We lived about a minute from each other in Tappahannock so we are like brothers.

"You ready to yn?" he asked me.

"Yeah I can't wait to see her and my baby girl"

"Does she know your coming home today?"


"Chris seriously bruh your not telling her?"


"I don't know how she can live with your ass. She not gonna live that long cause your gonna give her a heart attack before you guys even kiss" he said trying to dap me while we were sitting.

"You know thats why I'm not telling her-"

"Are you saying your going to murder her!" he said semi- yelling causing everyone to look back.

"Nigga no man I want to see her reaction"

"Oh I gotcha man" he said laughing.

When we landed we went the baggage claim and got our cameo duffle bags and left. Then we were going down the hallway and my mama came running down to us.

"My baby are you hurt?"

"I only got shot once" I said shrugging.

"Yeah only once you know no big deal right"

"Mama I just wanna go home" I whined.

"Okay okay I understand let's go, Mijo is Rachael coming?"

"Yes Mama J my beautiful girlfriend said she was running late because she has something planned that is going to keep us-"

"Okay well that's good have fun" I said putting my arm around my mama and going outside and got into the car.

"Your gonna love that little girl" she said not taking her eyes off the road.

"Mama I'm a little scared though"

"Why is that"

"What if she doesn't like me or let me hold her cause she don't know me"

"Chris stop acting like a little bitch she will know her daddy" she said patting my thigh and smiling.

"Chris where did you get shot?"

"The side of my shoulder" I shrugged once more.

"Did Mijo get shot?"

"No and he acted like he shot people but our troop knew he didn't"

"That kid I'm telling you, when did you get shot?"

"About a few days okay right before we evacuated"

"Aww my baby"

The rest of the ride was basically quiet only a few words were. Then we pulled up to my house and I began to panic.


I heard a car pull up outside when I was put Ronnie back to bed. I looked out the window to see it was Mama J's and I saw two people in the car. Chris slowly got out and stood there looking at mama. I went flying down the stairs and out the door but froze on the porch. Was it really him? He turned and looked at me and stared. It was him! I went flyin down the steps and jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"I missed you" I cried into shoulder then he winced in pain.

"I missed you too baby"

"What happened to your shoulder?" I kissed his lips.

"I got shot a few days ago"

"Aww come on let's go inside"

We grabbed his bags and went inside but he stopped at the stairs while I was walking up them.

"Where is she?"

"In her room but she is awake"

"Okay" he said smiling.

I went in and grabbed Ronnie out of her crib. I walked out of her room and to the top on the stairs. I looked at Chris as a tear rolled down his cheek looking at his beautiful daughter in my arms. I walked down the stairs to him.

"She's beautiful" he said as she grasped his finger with her little hand.

"Chris do you want to hold her"

"Yes baby" he said taking her out of my arms.

"What's her name?"


"That's my instructor name that died in battle"

"Yeah I knew he meant a lot to you just like his little girl"

"I love you" he said kissing me

"I love you too" I said kissing back.

"Daddy is never going to leave you ever again and if I do you should know I love you and your mommy the most" he said kissing her forehead.

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