Number 23

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*Today Chris is coming over to your house to chill. You and Chris are best friends for about 8 years now since you work at Jive records. This is dedicated to @Octoberbaby15 and your name is Nia.


Today my bestie Chris is coming over to hang out. We have been friends for 8 years now and I can say it has been amazing. He is so sweet, cute, nice, funny, and sexy as hell. I have liked Chris for almost six months now. He is the best honestly I can't wait till he gets here.

*Knock Knock*

When I heard the knock I jumped up and ran to the door then called out.

"Who is it?"

"It's White" he said acting like White Goodman from Dodgeball.

"I don't know any Whites"

"Oh common Nia open the door"

"Okay Chrissypoo"

I opened the door to see Chris in a Black Pyramid T-shirt and Black Pyramid Sweats.

"Aww your hair looks like shit" he said hugging me.

"Shut up big head" I said hugging back.

"I don't like your shirt"

"What the fuck is wrong with my shirt?"

"It shows your little tummy" he said tickling your sides.

"Hahaha no shit it's a crop top"

"Sorry" he said pouting and walking past me into the living room.

"Aww Chris I'm sorry but anyway what do you want to do?"

"I really don't care"

"Let's play a game"

"Like what?"

"Maybe like Just Dance on the Wii"

"Okay but imma beat your ass like normal"

"We will see Christopher"

I put the game the Wii and we played for about a hour. It was our last song called "Raining Men" and then I won! Woo-Hoo! I felt my body get thrown to the couch because Chris tackled me because he was jealous.

"Ouch Chris you hurt my boobies when you tackled me"

"Aww I'm sorry" he said touching your boob.

I know what your thinking that we aren't friends we had sex and etc. Well guess what we didn't till about a few months ago Chris was in a relationship so this the first time he touched me like that.

"It's okay" I said with a laugh.

"Damn does it hurt" he asked concerned.

"A little but I'm okay"

"Can I see?"

"No Chris"

"Nia I need to tell you something"

"Yes Chris?" I said with my heart fluttering.

"I have developed feelings for you over these years and that's mainly the reason I broke up with Karrueche cause I wanted you not her" he said looking into my eyes the whole time.

"Aww Chris I have too" I said tearing up.

"Don't cry baby girl this is only the beginning"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you wanna be my girl, baby?"

"I umm...umm"

"Oh shit Nia I'm sorry I-"

I kissed him to shut him up. When I stuttered I worried him so kissing was the option. Almost right away Chris kissed back then he added tongue. He then broke the kiss and looked at me.

"Now may I see your boob?" he asked showing his pearly whites.

"I guess cause it hurts still" I said giggling through my words.

He lifted up my crop top and un-hooked my bra.

"These are gorgeous babygirl" he said kissing my right boob then wrapping his lips around my nipple.

"Mmm Chris"

He then lift a trail of wet kisses to your shorts line and looked up.

"Can I?"

I nodded my head because that's all I could say. In the past 10 minutes my best friend told me he has feelings for me, then asked me to be his girlfriend, and now he is taking my shorts off.

He slipped off my gym shorts and the kissed my clit through my panties.

"Chris baby don't tease me" I moaned.

"Baby your so sexy" he groaned as he put your panties to the side. He dipped two finger into your wetness.

"Mmm uh Chris" I moaned as he went at a fast pace.

"I always wanted to hear you moan my name" he said pumping fast making my legs shake.

"Chrissss" I moaned loudly as my juice flew all over his fingers.

"Damn shawty" he said kissing your lips.

"I wanna see CJ baby" I whined pulling at his sweats.

"You can't handle him" he said taking off his shirt.

"Yes I can baby" I said seductively biting my lip.

"Alright" he said pulling down his sweats then boxers reveling CJ.

"He's so..."

"So what?"

"Big" I exclaimed making Chris chuckle.

"Do you want CJ or not"

"Yes baby I do" I said wrapping my legs around Chris's waist.

"Okay babygirl" he said laying me back and getting on top of me and sticking CJ into my slit.

"Ugh Chris mmm deeper" I groaned as he went deeper like I said.

"Ahh babygirl your so sexy"

"Mmm Chris"

Chris was going fast and so deep that I could feel him in my stomach. I started to feel myself building and I began to shake.

"Mmm Chris baby I'm gonna cum" I whined as tears of pleasure escaped my eyes.

"Me too baby" he groaned clenching his jaw.

"Oh fuck" I moaned as I squirted all over Chris's huge cock.

I started to try to catch my breath then I felt Chris shoot his warm liquids into me.

"Damn baby that was amazing" he said pulling out.


"Do want a shower?"


Let round two begin!!!!

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