Number 37

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*You and Chris are in the car going to whoever knows land since your blindfolded. Sucks right! This is dedicated to @CheyenneCee and your name is Cheyenne.

Cheyenne POV

"Christopher Maurice Brown tell me where we are going" I said lifting up my blindfold.

"Fuck no baby put your blindfold down I'm not going to a shack to murder or anything"

"How am I suppose to know that" I said taking off my blindfold and throwing at him.

"You should learn how to trust me" he said pulling over.

"What are we doing?"

"Waiting for you to trust me and then I will put your blindfold and we will continue" he said looking in your eyes.

"Fine baby I trust you and I guess I will put my blindfold back on a get car sick and throw up all over your Lamborghini" I said fake sighing.

"You know what keep the blindfold off then" he said slamming on the gas.

"Thank you baby" I said leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Well now you ruined my surprise I hope your happy" he said rolling his eyes.

We sat in silence till All Back came on.

"Chris you gonna sing with me?"

"I guess"

"You lead"


(AN: Cheyenne in Bold)

Oh if I had a moment

I'd capture that moment

You would be right here next to me

If I had the secret

The secret to your love

I would put your treasure beneath my heart

Lock it all up

And through away-

"Oh my god Chris were at the OC fair" I said in shock.

"Yeah baby I know I drove you her"

"Aww baby" I said kissing.

"Damn baby you make a nigga horny" he said kissing back and getting out.

When we got in there there were people everywhere. It was like a jungle and there were weird looking people too.

"Let's go on the spinning ride" I said dragging Chris with me.

"Okay" he sighed as we got in line.

We were having fun the whole night and eating all this junk like funnel cake and cotton candy.

"Are you done eating yet?" I whined as Chris ate the powdered sugar of the plate that our funnel cake was on.

"Yeah" he said throwing powered at me.

"Go throw it away"

"Yes mama" he said pouting he threw it away and started running at me full speed and picked me up and swung me around.

"Baby" I screamed as he put me down,

"What ride do you wanna go on"

"I want to ride CJ baby" I said smirking.

"Okay baby let's go home"

"I can't wait I'm soaked baby" I whispered in his ear moaning.

"O-okay baby in the car then"

"I have an idea" I said leading him to the bathroom.

"Mmm my little baby girl" he said locking the door.

"Mmm baby" I said pulling shorts down and rubbing myself through my panties.

"Damn" he whispered as he took his shirt off.

"Mmm" I moaned taking my panties off and fingering myself

"Fuck" he said moving your hand and replacing it with his.

"Baby just fuck me"

"Damn baby you so sexy when your horny" he grunted biting his lip and taking his pants and boxers off.

"Really baby I love when- ahh shit" I moaned as Chris drilled into me.

"Mm baby your so wet" he said rubbing his finger over my clit.

"Mmm shit Chris baby yess" I said as he started pounding me.

"You like that' he said going harder"

"Yessss baby" I said scrunching up my face with pleasure.

"Ah shit baby" he groaned in my ear as our body's slapped together.

"Shitt" I said cumming all over CJ.

"Mmm babe" Chris said releasing into my core.

"That was amazing"

"Mmm I'm glad you liked riding on the CJ"

"Yeah yeah" I said getting dressed.

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