Number 48

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*You and Chris are at the BET awards after party. This is dedicated to @Bissh_whet and your name is Tapanga.*

Chris's POV

So I was here chilling and celebrating cause bitch I'm free breezy! I was here with Tapanga my beautiful, smart girlfriend. We have been together for a year and a half. She was talking to Kid Ink and dancing so I walked up to them. I mean I was pissed off. Then he leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back and I was standing right in front of them.

Tapanga's POV

"I'm sorry Ma" Kid said apologizing because of his last action.

"It's fine I gotta go-Chris baby" I yell as he storms away from me and goes out of the doors.

"I'm sorry Chris" I screamed as I came running out after him in my heels.

"Fuck it you know you just kissed someone else" he yelled and got in the car.

"Chris baby it's not like that" I said running to the car.

"I don't care" he started the car just as I got there and got in.

The ride was silent on his part. I kept saying I was sorry and I didn't meant to and he was just stone cold.

"Chris I'm sorry please answer me" I said walking in the door as he slammed his keys on the counter and went walking up the stairs.

"Chris please baby" I said taking my heels off at the end on the steps then walking up.

"Tapanga what do you want me to say? I forgive you for kissing my friend and that's it?"

"Yes" I mumble.

"Well it's not that fucking simple. I'm sleeping in the other room tonight" he said walking into the spare room.

I just stood there with tears streaming down my face. Why are you so stupid? Why would you kiss back if you loved Chris? Will he ever forgive you? I walked into the bathroom and took a long shower. I stepped out and took my make-up off. I walked into the closet and got one of Chris t-shirts that was oversized. Walking out into the hallway and creeping up to the door and peeking in. Chris was laying on his side as he peered at his phone. He had his right arm a crossed his torso and his left was holding his phone up.

"Chris" I said knocking on the door.

He put his phone down on the nightstand and laid his head down. There was about two minutes till his answer.

"What" he said in a raspy voice.

"Can we talk about tonight?"

"Whatever" he said moving over so I can sit down on the side.

"Chris the kiss was a mistake when he kissed me I felt nothing"

"But you kissed back"

"I know baby I don't even know why it was stupid" I whispered as I rubbed his head. He groaned.

"So can I sleep here?"

"I guess so" he said smiling

"Okay" I said standing up facing the other way and taking off my t-shirt.

"Mmm" he groaned.

"What was that?" I said turning around and biting my lip.

"Mmm baby come here" he said putting his hand beneath the covers.

"What?" I said climbing in to bed acting like it didn't know what he was doing.

"Baby I need you" he groaned as he slowly jerked himself off.

"Okay baby" I said taking CJ from his hand.

"No baby I don't want this I just want you" he said flipping us over.

"Mm baby I love when you take control" I moaned as he rubbed my sensitive spot with his pointer finger.

"Shit baby" he groaned as he pushed into me.

"Mm baby" I said wrapping my arms around his neck as he rolled his hips slowly.

"You like that baby?" he said going a little faster.

"Mmm yes baby" I moaned as I lightly scratched up his back pleasure.

"Your so sexy" he grunted as he went faster making your bodies clap together.

"Fuck yes mmm shit baby right there" I moaned as Chris hit my spot.

"You gonna cum babygirl?"

"Mmm yess"

"Mmm" he groaned pulling out and rubbing my clit making me squirt everywhere.

"Ahhh fuck" I moaned as my body convulsed.

"That's was so fucking sexy" he groaned pushed CJ back in and taking strokes.

"Ahh oh mmm yess" I moaned again.

"Fuck baby" he said twitching in me.

"Mmm Chris baby cum in me"

"Baby" he groaned as he orgasmed and came in me, then he pulled out.

"Shit" I mumbled as he kissed me.

"Baby I love you" he said laying on top of me and putting his face in my neck.

"I love you too" I said tracing my fingers over his back till we both fell asleep.

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