Number 33

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*Today you and Chris are going to his fathers cookout. It was going to be fun because I love mama j and Clinton who both like me so it should be okay. This is dedicated to @Octoberbaby15 and your Simone.*

Simone's POV

Today I'm going with my sexy boyfriend to his fathers cookout. Right now we are in the car driving.

"Baby can you give me head while we drive?" Chris whined as he kept looking at the road.

"Baby no" I said laughing.

"Please baby I can't wait till we come home"

"Well Chrissypoo you gonna have to wait" I said laughing as we pulled up and walked into the house.

"Hey baby" Mama J yelled running over and hugging me almost spilling her drink.

"I think you had enough" Chris said taking her drink away from her.

"No" she whined then laughed then hugged him.

"Chris go show her your old room" she said then walked off.

"Okay common Simone let me show you may old room" he said walking up the stairs and taking a right into a red room with a twin size bed.

"Aww Chris this so cute" I said sitting on the bed.

Chris took his shirt off and tackled me and started kissing me.

"Chris not here" I whined between kisses.

"It's okay don't worry there deaf" he said laying me back.


"Just you gotta be quiet"

"Okay I'll try"

"Yeah you should try cause it's gonna be hard cause you know I'm packing downstairs" he said laughing and stripping me then him.

He started teasing me with sliding the tip over my slit back and forth.

"Mmm baby don't tease me"

"So you want me?" He asked raising a eyebrow.

Yes bay I want you" I said grabbing his dick and putting it in my slit.

"Mm shit" he groaned.

"Ahh" I moaned as he rolled his into mine.

"Shhh you have to be quiet" he said going faster.

"Mmm shit I'm gonna cum" I said as I felt myself become close.

"Mm baby me too" he said closing his eyes.

"Ahh shit" I moaned loudly as I released with Chris.

"Now get dressed and let's go I'm hungry woman"

"Shut up" I said putting my clothes back on. When were dressed we went downstairs.

"Have fun" Mama J said glaring at Chris.

"Shit" I mumbled.

"I don't think you were quiet enough" Chris bent down and whispered in my ear.

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