Number 14

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*You and Chris live next to eachother. Everynight when his mom and stepdad get into a fight he comes over to your house and sleeps there with you. Your parents don't care because first of all they like Chris very much and second of all they know what happened in his house. Third of all you and Chris are best friends and have lived next to eachother your whole lives. You were born May 4th,1989 at 11:30. Chris was born at 12:30 on May 5th,1989 (That is Chris Browns real birthday and the time. Thanks google!). You guys are dating for almost 2 years now but your parents don't know and neither do Chris's parents because they wouldn't let you do what you guys always do just chill together.

Your POV

It is 10 o'clock at night and it's Friday thank The Lord another week of school gone! Right now I'm home alone because my parents are in New York for the night. I'm in my room right now and there is a knock on the window but I already know who it is so I open it.

"Hey y/n my mom and the dick are fighting again"

"I know Chris I figured I'm actually kinda happy your here"

"Why is that?" He said smiling.

"My parents aren't going to be here till tomorrow night it kinda sucks because they are in New York"

"Oh well I'm glad your not lonely anymore" he said laying down on your bed.

"Oh well I'm glad your comfy, you want some ice tea babe?"

"Yes please" he said sitting up to kiss your softly on the lips.

"Aww your so well mannered" you said kissing back.

You went downstairs and got Chris's ice tea and popped some popcorn. While you got into your room you see Chris is only in his boxers and is watching Spongebob. You giggle at him softly and take your t-shirt and shorts so your only in your bra and underwear and climb in bed.

"Here you go" you said handing Chris his ice tea.

"Here you go" he said kissing you on the cheek and grabbing your ass.

"Watch your hands mister"

"What are you gonna do if I keep doing it? You gonna stop me?"

"Shut your mouth and maybe I will actually stop you or maybe I like it" you say laying down and turning your attention the tv.

"So you do like when I grab your ass?"

"Do you like when I-"

"Scratch my back during sex, well yes of course y/n"

"That's not what I was gonna say dumb ass first of all we haven't yet"

"Yeah I know don't worry I would remember"

It was quiet for about two minutes then Chris asked you something.

"Why are you scared to have sex with me?"

"I don't wanna be pregnant when I'm 16 years old" you mumbled.

"Aren't you on birth control?"

"Yeah" you mumble once again.

"For how long?"

"Two years"

"Then how would you get pregnant?"

"Cause it could still happen it's like 98% protection"

"Oh okay" Chris mumbled and sat up.

"Where are you going?"

"The bathroom women"

"No stay here with me" you whine

"Damn I gotta go piss"

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