Number 19

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*You and Chris are walking out of the movie theatre together after watching 22 Jump Street. You and Chris are best friends since you share a apartment building and your rooms are on the last floor across the hall from each other. You have a strong feelings for Chris because he is gorgeous. He is 25 like you but he has a girlfriend named Karrueche. They're on and off non-stop but today they have might of broke up I really don't know and neither does Chris so that is why you took him there.*

"They movie was awesome!" you sing getting into Chris's black Porsche.

"Yeah it was funny as fuck" Chris said flashing his smile at you.

"So about you and Karr-"

"Don't talk about her because I have no ideas what is going on but thanks for taking me out tonight babycakes" he said smiling and kissing your cheek.

"Aww Chris your welcome" you say blushing.

"Look y/n you don't have to blush in front of me you know" he said chuckling.

"I didn't blush" you say punching him laughing.

"Yeah you did rosy cheeks" Chris said while pulling on of the parking space.

"Fine maybe I did"

"Told you"

"Shut up"

"I thought it was cute"

"You did?"

"Yeah I did"

"Aww" you say leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Chris turned to look out his window. Is he blushing?

"Christopher Maurice Brown if I do believe I think your blushing" I said laughing.

"Nope" he said popping the p

"Yeah nigga you are"

"First off no I wasn't. Second your a white chick with long curly blonde hair with green or hazel eyes and you called me nigga"

"So I'm just some chick?" you ask kinda hurt.

"No your not"

"Then what am I a thot too?" you snap.

"No babygirl your my best friend why are you acting like this?"

"I don't know" you say wishing you were at your apartment building now instead of being a few minutes away.

"Yeah okay" he said rolling his eyes.

The rest of the car ride was silent. When I say silent I mean not even a few words you could only here the car engine. When we pulled up you got out of the car and walked to the elevator and waited for Chris. Finally you break the silence.

"I'm sorry about snapping at you" you mumble looking at him.

"It's fine babygirl don't worry about it" he said leaning on the wall and lighting a cigarette.

"You know dumbass your not suppose to smoke in here" you say fake coughing.

"I really don't care y/n you should know this by now hun" he said letting out a puff.

The elevator stops and you guys get out on your floor. The good part is you and Chris are the only apartments on the last floor so there pretty big.

"Chris I had fun tonight" you say stepping out as you both stand in the middle of the hallway face to face.

"So did I" he said smiling his amazing breathtaking smile.

"I will see you tomorrow bighead"

"Love ya too"

"I bet" you say turning away but Chris grabs your hand.

"Y/n I see the way you look at me with lust in your eyes"

"Chris I-"

"Baby your the reason why me and Kae keep breaking up because we are too close but I like it that way"

"Then why so you guys always get back together?"

"Because I didn't want to rush to conclusions so I always let her back in. So do you have feelings for me?"

"A little" you mumble.

"Well guess what"


"YN YMN YLN I LOVE YOU BABY" he yelled but in a whisper tone.

"Chris I love you too"

"How about you come sleep with the broths cause I'm lonely cause Karrueche ass ain't coming back"

"Okay I will be over let me grab my stuff"

"Okay babycakes" he says opening his apartment.

You turn to open your door and reach for you key and unlock your door. When you walk in you take your coat off and hang it up and walk to your bed room and pick up some clothes and walk to Chris's. You walk into his apartment and walk into his room. He is under is covers looking at you with no shirt on. Your knees get weak.

"Take off your clothes baby please" he says sticking out his lip.

"No Chris"

"Please ma" he says picking up his covers and flashing you CJ.

You start taking off your clothes nice and slowly taunting him. After taking of all your clothes you lean over and fold your clothes giving him a peek of your area. After teasing him enough you climb into bed with Chris. He wraps his arms around you and whispers in your ear

"Goodnight baby I love you so much"

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