Number 42

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*You and Chris have been dating a year now. Chris was just on your for about 3 weeks and you miss him like crazy. You are going over a little nervous though. You need to tell Chris something. Not that your pregnant but you want to start a family. This is dedicated to Octoberbaby15 and your name is Dalia.*

Dalia POV

My baby is home finally! These past three weeks have been like hell. I was hanging with my friends most of the time but I still missed Chris. Also these three weeks I have been thinking about Chris and I having a baby. So today when we are just chilling I'm gonna beat around the bush to hear his thoughts. When I pulled up I saw Chris in the backyard with X playing. So I parks on the street and ran up the driveway. I guess Chris heard my heels clacking because he came running up to my and picked me up.

"Baby" I squealed with delight as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"I missed you babygirl" he said kissing my lips passionately.

"Mm I miss them lips boy" I said kissing him again.

"Yeah yeah" he said putting me down.

"It's true" I said petting X as he shook his little butt cause he was happy.

"X missed you too Ma" Chris said smiling.

"I missed his little ass too" I said laughing as he licked my nose.

"Okay let's go you too" he said picking me up bridal style with X trailing behind.

Chris opened the door and went into the tv room and dropped me on the couch.

"Baby" he said sitting down next to me.

"What?" I said smiling and laying my head on his lap.

"What do you wanna do?" he said running his fingers through my hair.

"Just chill and watch a movie I guess" I said rubbing his chest.

"Okay go pick a movie baby" he said as I got up but he slapped my ass as I walked away.

I picked Battle Of The Year since my baby was in it and it's a good movie. I put the movie in and laid my head back down on his lap. When we got to the part when they are interview the top 32 I laughed.

"Why you laughing"

"Cause I love your teeth how the front two are pushed together"

(AN:I like his teeth even though he don't like them)


"Yeah I think it's so cute"

"Mmm yeah but when our kids is like that you'll want them fixed"

"Do you want a baby?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah why?"

"Cause I want to be a mommy"

"Yeah baby and I want to be a daddy"

"Even now?"

"What are you saying love" asked looking down at me"

"I was thinking about maybe starting a family now" I said looking down.

"I think that's a good idea"

"Really baby?" I said with tears in my eyes.

"Yes baby and a matter of fact let's start now" he said standing up and picking me up and laying me back down with him between my legs.

"Mmm Chris I want to have your baby" I moaned as he kissed my lips.

"I want you to" he said taking off his shirt then taking mine off too.

"Chris baby" I said as he unclasped my bra.

"What babe " he said kissing my lips.

"I just want to make sure you want a baby"

"I do Dalia you mean the world to me and I love you and I always wanted you to have my baby" he said then kissed me.

"Okay I love you too" I said kissing back.

He then kissed from my neck and down my stomach to my shorts and slid them off. He then put my panties to the side.

"Mmm Chris" I moaned as you sucked on my clit softly.

He then dipped a finger into my slit then another and went in a come here motion. I felt myself build.

"Mmm fuck Chris I'm gonna cum" I said making him go faster.

"Oh fuck baby" I screamed as my juice ran out and onto Chris's fingers.

"Your so sexy babygirl" he said slipping off your panties.

He was just about to take off his shorts but I stopped him.

"Let me do it" I said sitting up.

"Mmm ma go ahead" he said letting you slide down his shorts then his boxers.

He stepped out of them.

"Damn I think your cock gets bigger and bigger" I said making him laugh.

"Maybe he does"

"Maybe" I said licking around the tip.

"Mmm fuck baby don't tease me" he said closing his eyes.

"Fine" I said smirking as I took CJ into my mouth making Chris run his fingers my hair and groan.

"Mmm shit Dalia" he groaned throwing his head back.

I started to deep throat then he started to pre-cum so I started tapping him on my tongue til he came.

"Fuck baby" he said after I licked CJ clean.

"Mmm Chris I want you" I said playing with my clit.

"Okay baby" he said getting on the couch on his knees to position himself.

He pushed CJ into me slowly making me throw my head back.

"I love your cock fucking my pussy so hard" I said making him go faster.

"How bad do you want my baby?"

"Mmm I want your baby so bad" I moaned as he went faster.

"Mmm shit" he groaned looking it my eyes with lust.

I felt myself build as he slowed down and took long deep stokes.

"Mmm imma cum" I moaned as I came on Chris dick.

With no time Chris started going ham. Our bodies were slapping hard together.

"Dalia imma cum" he groaned.

"Mmm shit me too" I said as I started to build once again.

We came at the same time then Chris slowed his strokes and pulled out.

"Mmm baby I hope you have my baby on the way"

"We will see tomorrow" I said kissing him.

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