Number 11

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*You and Chris are just chillin at home and your making dinner. This imagine is dedicated to @_jae_spiffy_.*

Jaedyn's POV

So tonight before my babe gets home I'm making dinner for use and then he will get some "dessert". I have been planning this night for about a week now. Tonight is the night I'm giving Chris my virginity. Me and Chris I've been dating for one and half years and he has been getting frustrated because he hasn't got sex for that long, so tonight is very special. I'm making homemade mac n cheese cause that is Chris's favorite food I make.

"Babe where are you?" Chris asked coming into the front door.

"In the kitchen Chrissypoo" I scream.

You hear footsteps like he is running then all of a sudden get picked up with his arms around your waist.

"Damn babe you look sexy tonight" he says looking at you in your black tank top and mint green gym short shorts.

"Thanks" I say simply turning around to continue making dinner.

"Are you trying to make me... I'm gonna go change" he says running away upstairs.

The bad part is Chris can't deal with me making him horny because he knows I think I'm not ready yet. But after tonight he can say I'm trying to make him horny without stopping before say horny then running off somewhere. Right then you see Chris come down the stairs shirtless and with Black Pyramid sweatpants on. He comes up behind you and grabs you waist again and kisses the back of your neck.

"When will dinner be ready?" he asks spinning you around to face him.

"In about five minutes why?" I ask kissing his lips.

"Cause I'm hungry" he said pouting as he kisses the back of your neck.

"Your such a god damn baby Chrissypoo" I say laughing.

"What did I say about calling me that?"

"I don't remember" I said turning back to face him.

"To stop fucking calling me that Jaedyn" he says kissing your cheek.

"Do you think that means I'm gonna stop?" I ask kissing his collar bone. I only did this cause it turns him on.

"Yeah and stop kissing my collar bone you know what that does to me babe" he says leaning down and lightly kissing your earlobe.

"I will stop kissing your collar bone if you stop kissing my earlobe" I agreed.

"Fine deal" he says sticking his hand out to shake your hand.

"Alright fine with me" I said shaking his hand and giggling as he picked me up and placed me on the counter.

"Get down and make me dinner women" he says helping you down and slapping your butt before he jumped on the counter himself.

"Okay Chris get down dinner is ready"

"Yay" he says taking his plate and running to the table.

"Your like a three year old trapped in a twenty-five year olds body you know" I said smiling as he devoured his food.

"Yeah yeah" he said stuffing more Mac n cheese in his mouth.

After me and Chris eat he went to go get on ustream and spray paint downstairs as I did the dishes. I wonder how I'm gonna get him off ustream thought with out being seen on the computer screen cause I'm probably come down naked. After I finally finished the dishes I go get a red bra with black lace on it and with black lace see through panties and have my robe on and make my way downstairs. I peek down the stairs and see the laptop is faced the other way and Chris had his back to me petting DD. Perfect! I make my way down the stairs and sit on this green chair that's really soft. I whistle so DD comes to me and to kinda get Chris's attention. DD comes to you and Chris just stares at you with lust.

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