Number 44

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*You and Chris are at his studio dancing. Well he is trying. This is dedicated to @TheUnlQuAloveMB and your name is Joehanna.*

Joehanna's POV

I was trying to learn this two-step dance Chris was doing in Wall to Wall but it's hard as hell to learn.

"I'm trying" I whined as he encouraged me to do it right.

"I know baby but you kinda suck" he said laughing.

"Fuck you" I screamed as I stopped.

I walked over to the bench and sat down and drank water. Then Chris over.

"I'm sorry" he said squatting down and rubbing my thighs.

"You know that I'm trying right cause your acting like this is do or die"

"I'm just trying to show you something"

"Well your being a asshole while doing it"

"You know what I thought this was gonna be fun" he said getting up and rolling his eyes.

He started doing other dance moves that he knew I couldn't do. My blood was boiling. I walked to the door and went outside. I felt arms wrap around my waist.

"Chris I'm going home" I said.

"Nope" he said kissing my neck.

"Noo Chris not now" I said biting my lip.

"Then come back inside baby"

"Fine" I said walking back inside.

"Mmm yes baby" he said smacking my ass.

"Chris" I whined grabbing CJ.


"Mm I love when you stutter baby" I said rubbing CJ.

"Oh baby don't do that" he grabbing my waist.

"Why not Papi I like touching your sexy cock" I said putting my hand in his shorts and boxers and pulling CJ out.

"Mmm fuck you horny baby?" he groaned.


"Okay baby" he said taking off his shirt.

"Baby what if someone walks in?"

"They wouldn't I looked the doors"

"Good thinking baby" I said kissing him.

We were laying on the floor now kissing and grinding I'm each other. Then Chris weren't down south.

"Mmm ahh baby" I said grabbing his head as his tongue did swirls around my slit.

I felt myself build as he began to tongue fuck me.

"Ahh shit yesss" I moaned as my juice squirted.

"Mm damn baby"

"Chris I want you baby"

"You sure cause this is hard wood" he said knocking on the floor.

"Yess baby" I said grabbing CJ at the base and guiding him into my slit.

"Mmm yes" I moaned as he rotated his hips into mine.

"You like that" he said going deeper.

"Ahhhh" I moaned scratching his back.

""Shit baby"

"Mmmm yeah right there" I said throwing my head back.

"Here" he said going even deeper.

"Chris baby I'm gonna cum" I moaned.

"Me too babygirl" he said going harder.

"Ahh fuck" I said arching my back as I came on CJ hard.

"Mmm" he groaned as he can also.

"I like that dance I can actually do it"

"Well you know I'm a great teacher" he said kissing me.

"Yeah right"

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