Number 45

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*You are at your boyfriend Chris Brown concert. You guys have been dating for seven years now. He is about to preform Take You Down. This is dedicated to Octoberbaby15 and your name is Royal.

Royal's POV

My baby right now is rocking Staples Center. All of Team Breezy here are screaming and already girls three girls tried to get on stage. He is singing Don't Judge Me right now and then he will have a costume change so I get to see him.

"Your doing great baby" I said he came into his dressing room.

"Mm thanks baby" he said walking over to me and kissing my cheek then my neck.

"Chris get dressed now" Tina said coming in.

"I just wanted to kiss my girlfriend" he said going and getting his suit.

"Yeah right you want to make her horny now"

"Maybe I do" he said finishing getting dress.

"Okay baby I gotta go I love you babygirl" he said kissing me on the lips softly and smirking as he kept going.

"Chris let's go you only have twenty seconds till your little video you have up is over"

"Chris go" I said pulling away smiling.

"Okay" he said kissing my cheek and walking out.

"Hey Royal we have something to show you with the lights" Tina said taking my hand as I followed her through the backstage hallways.

Chris was singing Wet The Bed right now and was killing it of course. When he finished he went on to Sex. Then his bodyguards grabbed my arms and said for me to come with them.

"Why though Big Pat?" I said confused.

"Chris said to do this" he said as we walk out on stage.

I had to sit down on the black couch like every other fan. My boyfriend is gonna give me lap dance in front of
18,000 fans.

"Fuck you" I mouthed to Chris as he sang.

"Girl you know what we came to do cause it ain't my first time" he sang getting on the floor and grinding like always.

I'm not going to lie it was sexy as fuck. A specially because I was look down at him.

"I want you freakin oh baby like a pro baby. Cause I wanna talk you down baby nice and slow" he sang ripping his shirt of and sitting on my lap

"Mmm baby you like this" he moaned in my ear.

"Mmm yeah baby I do" he moaned as he started to grind hard on me and kiss my neck.

"I want you so bad baby" he moaned as he stopped and got up.

For the rest of the song I just sat there amazed. I wonder how his fans feel when they do he does that? What does he say to them. Chris started to pull his pants down like always at the end. The concert was over so he said his goodbyes and we walked hand in hand to his dressing room.

"Mmm baby I'm horny know" he said kissing me.

"Chris what do you say to the girls when you do that?"

"I just say thanks for coming to my concert ma and I appreciate the love"

"Okay I was making sure you weren't saying what you said to me"

"Oh hell no baby" he said rubbing my thighs.

"Mmm baby" I moaned as he reached down and rubbed my clit through my panties.

"I want you baby" he moaned against my neck as he started to kiss my sweet spot on my neck.

"Baby but we can't"


"The walls are to thin"

"Okay baby let's go to the tour bus because the walls are thicker but we have to be quiet" he said taking my hand again as we walked out.

We entered the bus like normal. I saw Tina on my left as she smiled at me.

"Tina I have a headache so I'm gonna go to bed"Chris said.

"Okay baby boy there is Advil in my room"

"Thanks goodnight tour mama" he said kissing her on the cheek as we went back to our room.

"You had to lie?"

"Yeah because she wouldn't come back here"

"Smart baby" I said kissing his cheek.

"You know it" he said picking me up and throwing me on the bed.

"I wanna fuck you right now been a long time I have been missing your body" he sang into my ear as he started stripping me.

"Baby I want you so bad" I whined as I pulled of his shirt.

"Mmmm baby" he said kissing down my stomach and blowing on my clit.

"Baby" I whined squirming.

He stuck his tongue out and did one long stroke up. Then we went swirling around making me moan his name over and over.

"Ahhhh Chris" I moaned grabbing his head.

"Mmmm baby" he whispered against my clit as he stuck two fingers in me and went fast paced.

"Ahhhh shit baby" I moaned loudly as I came.

"You ready baby?" he said rubbing his dick up and down my clit.


"Mmm ok" he said sticking CJ in me with full force.

"Baby" I moaned grabbing the sheets.

"You like that baby?"

"Mmm yess Papi"

"Okay baby" he said picking up the pace.

"Ahh yes oh baby yes"

"Fuck Royal"

"Mmmm baby let me ride you" I moaned flipping us over.

"Mmmm okay baby" he said placing his hands on my waist slamming me down on his dick.

"Ahhh baby" I moaned as my hot juices ran out my pussy.

"Shitt baby" he groaned as he slammed into me and came.

"How's your headache baby" I said rubbing his head.

"Pretty good now but I'm going to bed now" he said snuggling up with me as we both fell asleep.

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