Number 47

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*You and Chris are seniors in Essex High School in Tappahonnock Virginia. You guys have been dating for two years at least. This is dedicated to @ObeyQuadasha and your name is Quadasha.

Quadasha POV

Me and Chris were hand in hand walking to tenth period which was another study hall called flex period.

"So baby what are you doing tonight?" I asked looking at him.

"I have basketball practice till nine" he said as he unlocked his locker.

"That means we wouldn't be able to hang out tonight" I said frowning.

"Baby don't worry about that" he said lifting my chin up and kissing my lips sweetly.

"I love you"

"I love you too"

"Come here" he sis taking. My hand and leading me into the teachers bathroom.

"Chris what are you doing we can get in trouble"

"I'm always in trouble babygirl" he said lifting me up and placing me on the sink and kissing me deeply.

"Chris can't you just wait till tomorrow so we can do this in bed" I moaned biting my lip as he unbutton my top and kissing down my chest.

"I can't wait baby" he said unclasping my bra.

"Ok baby" I said slipping his shirt off and kissing him again.

"Baby your so sexy" he groaned as he pulled my shorts and panties down and pulled his cock out the top.

"Mmm baby" I moaned as he slid in and rocked his hips to a rhythm.

"Baby" i moaned as he picked up the pace.

"Baby yess mmm" I moaned trying to be quiet.

"Baby you like this?"

"Ah fuck I love it" I said arching my back and he made me cum.

"Shit babe" he groaned as he released.

"Baby you make me naughty" I said getting dress.

"Yes I know but you can be in high school for a short period of time"

"Yeah I guess" I said laughing as we walked hand in hand out of the bathroom and snuck back into class.

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