Number 27

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*Today you and Chris have decided that you guys were gonna chill at his house. You and Chris are friends with benefits you kiss a lot but only had sex once. When you did have sex you guys were both drunk and don't remember it except that when you work up he was still inside you. Right now you are you are in his room wrestling. This is dedicated to @AngelPots9 and your name is Kiya.*

Kiya POV

Right now Chris has me pinned on the ground by my hands. Me and Chris have been friends for a very long time but have become friends with benefits during this year.

"Chris get off of me " I whined as I tried to get my hands out of his grasp.

"3......2......1 haha baby I win" he said letting go of me.

"Ugh I always loose" I said getting up.

"Now take the shirt of your off" he said looking down my body.


"We are playing strip wrestle"

"Okay fine" I said taking my black Black Pyramid shirt of and exposing my boobs in a black lace push-up bra.

"Mmm these are nice" Chris said walking over to me and then grabbing my boobs.

I bit my lip trying not to moan. I just starred at Chris. Then I pushed him on the ground and laid on his body.

"3......2....1" I yelled then got off of him.

"Fuck you"


"Anytime" he said taking off his shirt.

I guess I was lost in all his tattoos and his abs that he picked me up and lightly set me down and pinned me once again but he just kissed down my neck to my chest and till where my shorts started.

"I'll take these off" he said continuing to kiss down my legs as he slipped off my shorts.

"Mmm Chris" I moaned.

Chris came backup to my pantie line then took them into his hands but I stopped him.

"You gotta pin me first baby" I said biting my lip.

He smirked and laid on top of me kissing my lips till three minutes was up and he went back down to my pantie line again. He slid my panties down the he spread my legs and look into my eyes for approval. I shook my head yes and he lightly licked my click.

"Mmm baby" I moaned arching my back.

He stuck two fingers in my wet pussy and went fast.

"Ah baby mmm" I moaned loudly.

"Mmm baby" Chris whispered against my core as he went faster.

"Chris I'm gonna mmm cum" I said shaking as my juices flew all over Chris's fingers.

"Mmm baby you taste good" he said sucking on his fingers making me blush.

"You want CJ baby?" he asked looking at you.

"Hell yeah" I said pulling at his sweatpants and his boxers.

"Okay baby" he said taking off his other clothing then slipping my bra off.

He then slipped CJ into me and I left a big moan trying to adjust to his size.

"Baby go slow" I whined.

"Sorry baby" he said taking long slow strokes.

After about three minutes I was in pure heaven. I was scratching Chris's back and grabbing the sheets and biting my lip so hard.

"Mmmm Chris baby I'm gonna cum"

"Shit baby me too" he groaned.

"Ah mm yess" I moaned as he went harder.

"Mmm baby ah" I scream as I came all over CJ.

"Ah shit" he groaned as he released.

"Kiya can I ask you a question"

"Yeah baby?"

"Will be my girl baby?"

"Yes" I said

"Aww baby I love you" he said kissing my lips.

"Love you too" I said kissing back.

He picked me up to lay on the bed and we snuggled in bed for hours.

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