Number 50

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*Chris is on tour right now. You have been cheating on him with Jason for about 3 weeks now. This is dedicated to @breezy_levi and your name is Lyngchy.

Chris's POV

I was standing at the front porch with a three carrot ring in my hand for my baby. I slowly unlocked the door and yelled to her.

"I'm home baby" I yelled and looked around.

I walked up the stairs to hearing her sexy voice moaning.

I walked in the room to see a nigger all over my girlfriend. I stood there as I watched my beautiful girlfriend cheat on me before my eyes. I had tears streaming down my face silently.

"B-baby" I choked out almost in a whisper cause of my voice cracking.

"Chris?" she questioned as she jumped up and covered herself.

"Get the fuck out" I yelled at the guy.

He jumped up a ran. I would've too if I was him. She just sat there looking up at me as she began crying also.

"I'm so sorry" she sobbed.

"You know what that shit hurts to know that your girlfriend you love and love like crazy is cheating on you? Do you see this?" I asked holding the ring in the velvet box up.

She shook her head yes and looked at the ring.

"This was gonna be yours Lyngchy yours goddammit" I yelled throwing the box on the floor.

"But it's over" I screamed as I stormed out of the room.

"No baby it's not over" she screamed as she sobbed running after me down the stairs.

"Yes it is we are done. Do you hear me?"

"No we can't I love you b-baby"

"Fuck you with that sorry shit you know for sure you don't love me and if you did you would've have done this shit to me" I said standing there looking at her shaking my head as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Chris please" she said just above a whisper.

"What can we do know? Oh yeah say goodbye pack your things" I said taking her wrist and pulling her up the stairs as she sobbed.

We were about four stairs till the top and she feel to the ground and started crying.

"Common it's over? It can't b-be Chris. We are meant to be together" she screamed through sobs.

"It is over cause you cheated on me while I was out sing and doing what I love and you were fucking him just because you were a horny little asshole"

"What can I do?" she said standing up and looking at me.

"Pack your things" I said picking her up and taking her into our room.

I said for her to stay where I sat her down and I went into the closet and grabbed a suitcase.

"Pack your shit" I yelled throwing the suitcase on the bed.

She just stood there and looked at me as she sobbed.

"Fine I'll do it then" I said walking into the closet and grabbing some of her cloths.

"Stop Chris" she said pushing me.

"I'm not gonna stop shit" I yelled in her face.

"We aren't done not now not ever" she said pushing me into the wall.

"Who said you could make that dissuasion?" I yelled making her jump.

"I can cause of this" she said yanking down my shorts and boxers stroking my dick.

"So what does that change?"

"This?" she said gagging as she took all of my shaft into her mouth.

"Fuck" I lightly groaned as she bobbed her head faster.

She started to deep throated me and I lost it. I was all caught up in her little game and I'm not gonna lie I was happy it was happening.

"Shittt" I hissed as I came into her mouth.

She got up and looked into my eyes.

"Now what can I do?"

"Shut up bitch" I said picking her up and throwing her on the bed.

I pulled her panties and bra off. To be honest I didn't even know she put clothing on. I grabbed the base of my dick and rammed into her.

"Oww" she screamed as I made her take all of me.

"Take it bitch" I yelled

"Fuck Chris" she hissed as I let all my anger out on her pussy.

"Your gonna be pretty damn sore tomorrow" I said going faster.

"Fuck" she screamed as her veins popped out of head as she came hard.

I pulled out and whacked my cock on her pussy till my cum started squirting all over her pussy. After I emptied all of me onto her I made her take a shower. We she was din she stood at the side of my bed.

"What does this mean?"

"You can live here but we ain't together" I snapped.

"Okay I respect that" she said heading for the door.


"You have to show me trust that's the only way that we can get back together"

"Okay but can I sleep in here cause my legs hurt" she whined.

"No walk by yourself" I said turning on the tv.

If that bitch thinks she is in the clear. Well she isn't.

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