Number 49

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Yn Pov

Chris has been on your for about five weeks and it sucks. I miss him. He is touch,kiss and love. I'm so lonely then I get a FaceTime call from Chris.

"Hey baby" you say as he appears on your screen.

"What's up sugar cup?" he said smiling at you.

"I miss you baby when are you coming home?" you whine and frown.

"In two weeks babygirl"

"Chrisss" you whine.

"Baby I miss you too and I was wondering something"

"What?" you ask curiously.

"Can we have sex baby?"

"Mmm you wanna see me huh" you said biting your lip sexually as you lean back and rub through your shorts.

"Yes baby I do I'm so fucking horny and I tried but I can't get rid of it"

"Baby don't worry about" you say slipping of your booty shorts and thong.

"Damn" Chris groaned as he start jerking off his stiff cock.

"Mm" You moaned as you rubbed my clit nice and slow to show Chris what he was missing for another two weeks.

"Fuck your so sexy babygirl" he jerked faster.

"Ahhhh mmm shit" you moan loudly as you dip a finger in your slit and rub with you other hand.

"Damn cum baby" he groaned as he bit his lip in amusement.

"Shit ah mmm" you moan as you feel your climax coming.

"Baby I'm gonna cum" Chris said groan loudly.

"Mmmm yes baby" you say as your orgasm overtakes you body and you cum on your fingers.

"Shit yn" Chris moaned as his cum shot into the air as he kept jerking till he was done.

"Damn baby" you purr as you slid your thong and shorts back on.

"And guess what baby?"


"Imma make that ass go to work when I get home" he said chuckling.

"You better"

"I will baby you will be sore for a week after daddy is done with you"

"Oh shit" you mumble as he just grins at you.

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