Number 35

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*Today is Mama Js big day. She is getting married and right now you and Chris are at the reception. This is dedicated to Octoberbaby15 your name is Layiah.

Layiah POV

You I was standing next to Chris talking to his Mama and his new stepfather Joe. We were talk for a while then his sister kinda took over the conversation causes that's just how Tootie is. So me and Chris went over to eat.

"What do you want" I asked.


"Chris not now" I yelled in a whisper.

"Please baby" he pleaded.

"Where would we go?"

"Bathroom baby" he said winking.


"Please baby I'm getting a bonner cause I'm craving your body so bad and I need you cause your so sexy and I love you to death" he said kissing your head.

"Fine but quickly" I said pulling him to the bathroom.

Chris grabbed me and placed me on the sink. Our clothes were flying everywhere and when we were finally naked Chris went down me.

"Mmm baby"

He flicked his tongue over your clit fast.

"Fuck baby" I said grabbing his short blond curls.

He added to fingers to the process.

"Ahh baby" I said pushing his head deeper into my area.

He moved his fingers at a faster pace.

"Ahh fuck I'm gonna cum" I said releasing into Chris's mouth.

"Damn baby" Chris said biting his lip and staring deep into your eyes.

"It's your turn" I said trying to hop down but Chris stopped me.

"Baby I want you know" groaned positioning you with your legs spread.

Then he started rubbing his tip over you.

"Mmm baby don't t-tease me" I moaned in his ear then kissed his collarbone.

"Okay" he said shoving CJ completely in me.

"Ahh mmm shit"

"You like that babygirl?" he said going deeper.

"Y-yess" I said throwing my head back with pleasure.

"Mmm shit Layiah" he groaned closing his eyes.

"Mmm Papi I'm gonna c-cum" I said breathlessly cuming all over CJ.

Chris thrusted into me a few more times then released his hot creamy cum into me.

"Excuse me is anyone in here?" said someone knocking on the door.

"No" I said Chris with a smartass grin on his face.

"Okay" said the person walking away.

"That was close" I sighed in relief.

"You know what that means?


"Round 2"

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