Number 18

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*You and Chris are on the couch in his house watching Spongebob. Really you guys aren't even watching Spongebob just talking. This imagine is dedicated to @TeamHype and she also helped me with everything. Your name is Morgan*

Morgans POV

"Baby what are we doing today?" I asked sitting on Chris's lap as he rubbed my thigh.

"Well we could you know...." he said starting to kiss your neck.

"No you can't handle me" I said moving my neck and looking right into his eyes.

"Oh really is that why you didn't give me any yet?"

"No it's because we have only been dating 6 months"

"Yeah you know only 6 months" he said rolling his eyes.

"You know I wanted to take it slow"

"I know I know and that's what were doing I just thought 3 months was slow"

"Oh shut that shit up okay I'm not ready because you act like this" I said trying to get up but he grabbed my waist.

"I'm sorry baby I really am but I get horny sometimes and get moody cause I haven't got anything for 6 months"

"You have gotten stuff" I said feeling his friend poking my area cause of me sitting on him.

"Yeah I have but I haven't got to make love to my baby yet" he said kissing my neck once again.

"Chris what did I say about..gco" by moaning because he bit your neck.

"Baby I want you" he said kissing your sweet spot on your neck and rubbing himself on your area.

"Mmmm Chris" I moaned as Chris picked me up and carried me to our room.

When we got to our bed he slowly lost his grip on my legs and let me fall on the bed. He looked at me with lust and took off my bra and panties because that at all I had on. Chris took of his boxers and got on me. Feeling his naked body on mine was like magic everytime. He kissed me again then started grinding his hips into mine. my low moans filled the air.

"Baby do you want me?" he asked in a low-sexy tone.

"Yes Chris but-"

"Your a virgin right?" he said propping himself up to look into my eyes.

"Yeah" I mumbled looking away.

"So you don't wanna-"

"No I do I just wanted to tell you"

"Baby I will go slow don't worry about it" he said kissing my chest as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Daddy I want you now"

"How bad"

"So bad I want you so deep inside me" I whispered in his ear.

"Okay well I want to make love to you because I love you so my much" he said almost making me cry.

"I want you to make love to me and I love you too"

"You ready?"


Chris got in position and spread my legs. He looked at me and I nodded. he grabbed the base of his shaft and lightly gliding the tip across my slit and over my clitorus.

"Please don't tease me" I gasped as he went a little faster teasing me more.

"I like it though cause you didn't moan my name"

"I want you inside me daddy" I moaned.

"Okay babygirl"

He pushed a little in me and I felt pain and burning pressure inside as he went deeper. I silently cried for a little til Chris took his head out the crook of my neck and looked at me.

"I'm sorry babygirl it will get better in a minute trust me" I said putting the rest of him in and rocking back and forth.

After about a minute,like Chris had said, I felt the pain ease and pleasure take over. As my pleasure got more intense I started to scratch Chris's back as I moaned.

"Right there uh right there" I moaned as he pounded my g-spot thrusting in and out.

"Shit" he groaned as he twitched inside me meaning he was going to cum.

I began to feel this wave of pleasure take over me and my juices went flowing over Chris's shafted.

"Mmm Chris"

"Baby I'm cumming" he groaned as he came inside me and pulled out.

"Mmm Chris" I moaned again as Chris started to kiss my pantie line.

"That was amazing baby" he said as he started to lick my clit.

"Chrrisss" I moaned as I grabbed his head pushing him farther into my area.

"You like that" Chris whispered against my clit as he stuck two fingers at me.

I felt myself build and release. Chris licked up all my juices and came up to my face and kissed my lips.

"You wanna take a shower?" he asked.

"Not yet" you say grabbing his shaft and rubbing the base to the tip.

"Shit Morgan" he groaned as I licked the tip.

"You like that that daddy?" I asked grabbing his balls.

"Mami stop teasing me"

I grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. I looked up at him and he was biting his bottom lip and with his eyes closed. I love giving him head because it takes total control over him. I started to deep throat his shaft over and over again.

"Mami I'm gonna bust" he groaned as he released into my mouth.

I swallowed and lick his tip a few more times and came up and kissed him.

"Damn baby" Chris said during the kiss.

"I want a shower know" I said giggling.

"Okay baby" his said picking me up and taking me to the bathroom.

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